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Today's Web designers must be familiar with a variety of internet technologies. The Web Design program, designed by the Computer Applications and Business Technology Department, teaches the Web design, e-commerce, scripting, and authoring skills necessary to advance in the field of Web design.

The Web Development program focuses on the technologies used to create and operate an effective Web site or e-business. This program focuses on the back office technologies involved with Web development including advanced Web authoring, HTML scripting, Visual Basic programming, and database design.

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INET 1510 Web Site Analysis (2LB,1CR):
This course introduces methods of assessing Web site design and content via the Internet from home or from Casper College computer labs. It identifies issues, goals, and resources concerning Web site design. In this online course, the content is devoted to presentations, reports, collaborative activities, and analytical skills to critically appraise Web sites. Students gain knowledge to help them evaluate current trends of Web site design. Internet experience is recommended.

INET 1530 Photoshop for Business (.5L,1LB,1CR):
Photoshop for Business is an introductory level course that covers basic digital manipulation and enhancement.

INET 1550 Introduction to the Internet (.5L,1LB,1CR):
This class is designed to prepare students to use the Internet in an informed and responsible manner. Course content includes electronic communication, methods for accessing information, and Internet activities of file transfer, telnet, listserv, and World Wide Web browsers. Ethical issues and acceptable use policies will be discussed. Keyboarding ability is recommended.

INET 1580 Web Page Authoring (.5L,1LB,1CR):
This course is an introduction to World Wide Web (WWW) page authoring using the HyperText Markup Language. It is designed for the student with little or no experience using HTML code to create Web pages. Students will learn how to create WWW pages without using costly WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editing tools, but by utilizing simple text editors that are freely available. Students will gain a functional knowledge of the hypertext markup language (HTML), and will establish a "Web site" consisting of individual home page(s), or other content with consent of instructor. Students are expected to complete 3 Web-based tutorials, a final exam and a lab assignment or "project." Students will publish their lab assignment(s) to a Web-accessible location on the Internet for evaluation. Ethical issues and responsible behavior will be discussed. Students will be expected to spend an additional 16 hours in a laboratory setting. This course is a requirement for all Casper College students who wish to publish Web pages on a Casper College Web server. Prerequisite: students should have an Internet Service Provider (ISP), providing Web space and e-mail. Basic keyboarding skills and familiarity with the Windows interface are necessary.

INET 1590 Web Page Design: (2L,2LB,3CR):
This course is an introduction to Web page authoring. Students develop basic skills in: designing, formatting, managing collections of related Web pages, finding WWW resources, and publishing to a server. Extra laboratory work may be required. Windows and Word experience are recommended.

INET 1610 Dynamic Web Graphics: (2L,2LB,3CR):
This course introduces students to dynamic Web graphics. Upon completion of this course, participants will have the skills to design and deliver low-bandwith dynamic Web sites that incorporate vector graphics with bitmaps, audio, animation, and advanced interactivity to create Web experiences that attract and engage visitors. Keyboarding ability is recommended.

INET 1620 Intermediate Flash Graphics (2L,2LB,3CR):
This course is a continuation of study in Macromedia Flash 8. The class focuses on animation and interactivity for Internet implementation.  Prerequisite: INET 1610.

INET 1650 Introduction to HTML and DHTML (1L,2LB,2CR):
Students will learn the essential concepts of HTML, XHTM, and DHTML. They will begin by developing a basic Web page and move on to developing a basic Web site. Topics include: working with page design, tables, and frames; creating Web page forms; working with cascading style sheets using multimedia on the Web; XHTML and JavaScript; working with objects, special effects, windows and frames, forms and regular expressions, and event models. The last section explores working with dynamic content and styles.

INET 1885 Adobe Photoshop for the Web - CS3 (2L,2LB,3CR):
This course will teach students key Photoshop concepts and techniques utilizing the industry standard digital imaging software, Adobe Photoshop CS3. Using clear, step-by-step, project based lessons, students will walk through the creation of a specific project with each class building on the student's growing knowledge of the program. The information will be geared toward GUI (Graphic User Interface) specifically based on current WC3 Web standards and best practices.

INET 1890 Introduction to Web Design (2L,2LB,3CR):
This course will allow students to explore and discuss, among many topics, the history of Web design, Web constraints and advantages, Web vs print, design basics, site purpose/location/content, matrix design, accessibility, usability, style, look and feel, fixed vs liquid, liabilities, copyrights, inspiration and trends, etc. Students will also learn what is considered "good" vs "bad" in the subjective and ever-changing world of Web design.

INET 1895 Introduction to Internet Marketing (3L,3CR):
This course will teach students about the ever-changing world of marketing on the World Wide Web. The Web is the first marketing tool on earth that allows for instant networking to billions of potential customers within a personalized relationship model. As businesses the world over transform their advertising resources to take advantage of this phenomenon, Web marketing is becoming an increasingly valuable and powerful tool.

INET 2500 Introduction to ASP.NET (2L,2LB,3CR):
Students will learn ASP.NET through technical documentation, hands-on projects, and case studies. Students will also be introduced to server-side Internet programming. Revolutionizing the way Web applications are developed, ASP.NET is built on Microsoft's .NET framework utilizing Visual Studio.NET 2003. Students will not only tackle beginning Web programming and how to create and maintain interactive and dynamic Web applications, they will also explore the Internet as an essential business tool.  Students are guided from beginning Web applications, to object-oriented programming, to using advanced Web form server controls. Prerequisite: INET 1650 or equivalent coursework.

INET 2665 New Media Communication (2L,2LB,3CR):
Students will receive an introduction into the field that includes all forms of computer-enhanced communication. They will be exposed to the possibilities of utilizing facets of this realm within business and marketing initiatives. Mediums such as television and radio stand to gain from the advantages of two-way dialogue with consumers primarily through the Internet. Examples include video games and virtual worlds as they impact marketing and public relations, multimedia CD-ROMs and DVDs, interactive Web sites, blogs and vblogs, podcasting, mobile devices, streaming video and streaming audio, online communities, and much more as the technology progresses. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.

INET 2670 Internet Ethics and Cyber Law (3L,3CR):
This course will discuss current statutes and possible future trends in Internet ethics and cyber law. We will discuss such topics as intellectual property law vs the first amendment, copyrights, trademarks and the Web, cookies, email privacy, censorship, seminal legal cases and much more.

INET 2675 Web Design Business Fundamentals (3L,3CR):
This course will present proven techniques for building a successful Web design business. It will include strategies to win more business and boost income and will assist students in overcoming the fear of selling themselves and their business It will also offer practical advice on organizing a business and techniques to maximize revenue from existing and new clients. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.

INET 2895 Web Design Capstone/Seminar (2L,2LB,3CR):
The student will participate in an individual or group class project whereas they research, design, construct and maintain a complete interactive Web site for a local nonprofit agency or group that is approved by the instructor. This will serve as a culminating activity implementing all appropriate modalities taught within the degree parameters. The Web site(s) will be handed over to the nonprofit at the end of the course free of charge for them to carry forward. Prerequisite:  permission of the instructor.

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