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Theatre & Dance

Study Theatre at Casper College

At Casper College you will receive the instruction and opportunity to begin your career in theatre. Our students earn associates degrees in four areas of theatrical study, preparing them to enter baccalaureate programs throughout the country with the confidence that only experience can give.

In addition to meeting the education needs of theatre and dance majors, our department provides cultural and artistic resources and opportunities to the broader Casper College community and fulfills the role of an intellectual and cultural leader for Central Wyoming.

Theatre Performance
Explore performance...
through courses in acting, voice, movement, dance, auditioning, and dramatic literature.

Musical Theatre Performance
Choose a specialized track...
of intensive study in theatre and music, including courses in voice, acting, music theory, keyboarding, and musical theatre history.

Technical Theatre
Channel your creative energy...
into design and construction of scenery, lighting, sound and costuming. Work with state of the art equipment on the main stage and black box theatres.

Dance Performance
Express yourself...
through ballet, modern, jazz and tap, while developing skills in composition, improvisation and history.
Join the Flight Dance Troupe!

Would you like to know more about the Casper College Theatre and Dance Department?

CLICK HERE to view the Theatre and Dance Department Information Booklet. (soon)
CLICK HERE to view the Dance Major Student Handbook. (soon)

The Dance Major Student Handbook has the proposed changes submitted to the NASD Commission on Accreditation and the Casper College Curriculum Committee for the A.A. Degree in Dance. Until these changes have been approved the Dance Major will be under the A.A. Dance track in the 2013-2014 catalog. If there are questions please see Jodi Youmans-Jones.

Contact Information:

Arlis Handeland
Theatre/Box Office Specialist
(307) 268-2365
KT 102

William Conte
Program Director
(307) 268-3117
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Teahouse of the August Moon at Casper College

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It is the mission of the Casper College Department of Theatre and Dance to:

  • Provide the first two years of baccalaureate coursework and production opportunities for the theatre and/or Dance major who graduate and then transfer to four-year programs
  • Provide cultural and artistic resources and opportunities to the general student body of Casper College
  • To stimulate and be prominent in the intellectual and cultural life of the Casper Community


The dance unit shall prepare students in dance or related fields by means of intensive two year training in dance performance, technique, history, and choreography. The program shall also promote continued study in dance, community outreach, critical thinking, and creativity, thus encouraging life-long learning.


William Conte
Department Head

Phone: (307) 268-3117

Office: KT 103


Larry Burger
Phone: (307) 268-3320

Office: KT 117


Richard Burk
Phone: (307) 268-2228

Office: KT 106


Anna Grywalski
Phone: (307) 268-????

Office: KT 104


Kyle Melton
Phone: (307) 268-2374

Office: KT 105


James Olm
Phone: (307) 268-3716

Office: KT 125


Marcus Todd
Phone: (307) 268-????

Office: KT 124

PortraitJodi Youmans-Jones
Phone: (307) 268-2690

Office: KT 156


THEA 2200 Backgrounds of Dance (3L,3CR) [E][CA][G]:
A survey of ethnic and theatrical dance forms from primal society to the 20th century. The course examines the place of the arts as a reflection of the culture. The course emphasizes dance from a global point-of-view and includes a look at social dances as well as the performance dances. Prerequisite: ENGL 1010, or permission of the instructor.

THEA 2210 Dance Performance and Technique (3LB,1CR) (Max. 4)[E]:
This class covers technique and performance focusing specifically on technique skills and performing at an advanced level (various styles and genres). Prerequisite: permission of the instructor and previous dance experience.

THEA 2215 Intermediate Composition Skills/ Improvisation (2L,2LB,3CR):
This course further develops the student’s abilities to compose and choreograph their own ideas into dance works. Both group and individual improvisation is used to further choreographic techniques. Prerequisite: THEA 1440, or permission of the instructor.

THEA 2220 Stagecraft (2L,4LB,4CR)[E]:
Study of basic skills and procedures used to realize a design idea into a finished stage production. Work in design principles and techniques, set construction, color, and stage lighting. Laboratory required.

THEA 2225 Playing with Shakespeare: Literature in Performance (4L,4CR):
A fresh look at Shakespeare, aimed at engaging students' interests and increasing their appreciation and enjoyment of his works. Will include study of a variety of different performances. Will examine and respond to the interpretations of actors, directors, and literacy critics in order to arrive at a more complete understanding of Shakespeare's plays, both as literature and performance. Prerequisite: ENGL 1010, or permission of the instructor. (Cross-listed as ENGL 2225.)

THEA 2230 Stage Lighting (3L,3CR):
An introduction to the discipline of stage lighting. Will focus on the fundamentals of stage lighting, including the history of lighting, illumination, lighting equipment,
projection principles, color, elementary electricity, lighting control, and basic design.

THEA 2310 Auditioning (2L,2LB,3CR):
Practical experience in preparing and presenting audition material, and a preparation for a career in theatre, film or television. Prerequisite: THEA 1100, 2100,
or permission of instructor.

THEA 2311 Portfolio Preparation (1L,1CR):
This course is for beginning costume, makeup, set or lighting designers, stage managers and/or technical directors. It is the study and practice of the techniques
and skills required to assemble a professional portfolio and to prepare the student to present their work and themselves in a professional manner when
interviewing for transfer schools or jobs.

THEA 2350 Musical Theatre History and Analysis (4L,4CR):
Understanding the history of musical theatre through the reading, listening, watching, and analyzing of specific groundbreaking musicals representative of the genre throughout the decades, and then how that information applies to each students professional craft.

THEA 2370 Summer Theatre (2-6LB,1-3CR) [E] (Max. 4):
Credit for participation in the Casper College Summer Theatre Program in all phases of production. Open entry. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.
(Summer term.

THEA 2410 Ballet II/I (4LB,2CR)[E]:
A continuing course in the principles of classical ballet. Emphasis is placed on continuing to broaden the dancer’s movement vocabulary while refining acquired technical skills. Pointe work will be started with those students who are ready along with partnering skills, more advanced Barre and Centre skills, including Tours and Beats. Prerequisite: THEA 1420.

THEA 2420 Ballet II/II (4.5LB,2CR):
A continuing course in the principles and techniques of classical ballet. Emphasis is placed on refining the dancer’s movement vocabulary while increasing the level of difficulty of acquired technical skills. Dancers will continue in both partnering and Pointe work. Ballet conditioning will be a part of every class. Prerequisite: THEA 2410.

THEA 2430 Modern Dance II/I (4LB,2CR):
A third level course covering the principles and techniques of Modern Dance. This course will continue to look at Post- Modern techniques/styles and be a link from the historical Modern Dance to the Contemporary explorations and Modern Dance trends. Prerequisite: THEA 1440, or permission of the instructor.

THEA 2450 Tap II (3LB,1CR):
This course will review the basic tap steps and then move on to more intermediate rhythms, clarification of sounds and more complicated footwork. Prerequisite: THEA 1450, or permission of the instructor.

THEA 2475 Directed Special Projects in Theatre (1-3L,2-6LB,3CR) (Max. 6):
For students who wish to work in greater depth in acting, scenic design, stage lighting, costuming, research in theatre, etc. Course content will be contracted
individually with each student in order to provide greater emphasis and experience in that student’s area of interest.

THEA 2480 Jazz II (3LB,1CR)[E]:
A second level course furthering the student’s knowledge of jazz dance and its origins. Dancers will focus on techniques, terminology, and the execution of jazz
steps from the intermediate to the advanced level. Prerequisite: THEA 1480, or permission of the instructor.

THEA 2490 Topics: (Subtitle) (1-3L,1-3CR) (Max. 6):
Offered in answer to specific need or public interest, especially seminars with visiting guest artists. THEA 2790 Stage Management (2L,2CR) Learn the basic techniques used by stage managers to run and organize auditions, rehearsals, technical rehearsals and performances.

Life after Casper College Theatre & Dance

Casper College Theatre and Dance students continue their degrees all over the United States. Faculty advisors work closely with each student to help each one find the right college or university for their needs.

Casper College theatre students have transferred to these institutions over the past ten years...

The Ingredients of an Outstanding Theatre Education

Performance Opportunities
We also offer practical opportunities, the most important component in theatre and dance development. While at Casper College you will have many opportunities to be involved both on stage and back stage in plays, musicals, and dance concerts. Production opportunities serve as an extension of all classes as students develop acting skills, polish dance abilities, and construct and run all of the technical elements in each production. As a student, you will find that there is no better way to understand the classroom work than to apply it to real production situations.

Gertrude Krampert Theatre

The Department of Theatre and Dance is centered in the Gertrude Krampert Theatre Complex, a modern, well-equipped facility that was built in 1985 and was expanded in 2003. There are four spaces for students to learn their craft:

  • The McMurry Main Stage: a thrust stage, surrounded by an audience of 400, all within 30 feet of the stage, which makes it one of the most "actor-friendly" stages you’ll ever experience.

  • The Black Box: an experimental theatre providing a second theatre performance space for smaller productions of many types, from the avant-garde to classics, with a greater range of plays, performance events and subject matter than is possible on the McMurry stage as part of the main season.

  • The Scifers Dance Performance Space: for dance productions prepared by the dance classes and the Flight Dance Company. The dance performance space is also a fully equipped studio space and is supported with a second studio space. Both studios have state-of-the-art dance floors.

  • The Ken Ury Little Theatre: for student scenes and productions. This is a 50-seat space for a variety of types of small productions.

State of the Art Equipment


These spaces are equipped with the latest in technical equipment, with ETC computerized lighting control boards, intelligent light instrument, and digital sound. Costume students work in the renovated and expanded costume shop, constructing costumes from the body out. The focus of all these performance spaces is providing student opportunities.



National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST)
Casper College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre..

General Education
Remember, our goal is to provide you with a complete education. It is vital that you get the most out of your general education opportunities. We believe that these are as important as your major requirements. The education that you receive outside of the theatre is often the determining factor in transferring to other institutions.

Theatre Trips
Each year, the theatre and dance faculty accompany students on a theatre trip. Because of our location, we believe it is important that students experience as much professional theatre as possible. While the trips usually center on the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and dinner theatres in the area, trips have also been taken to Las Vegas and Minneapolis. These trips will prove vital in your assessment of where and how you will eventually enter in the theatre or dance world.

ACDFAAmerican College Dance Festival
Each spring, dance students participate in the American College Dance Festival. These festivals move throughout our region, providing the dance student exposure to many universities for transfer as well as varying techniques, styles and choreography.

A hallmark of Casper College Department of Theatre and Dance

Perhaps the finest education for theatre students comes with working with theatre professionals. We bring in a professional guest artist to our program at least every other year so that every theatre student has the opportunity to work with professional theatre artists. We also vary the kinds of artists we bring to the program. In recent years, the patron program supported Anything Goes and Chicago director Kurt Stamm, Summer and Smoke director Dr. Jerry Henderson, a professional actor, Anthony Zerbe, and Blair Gulledge, a guest costume designer for A Christmas Carol.

Guest Artists provide a final link to the professional theatre. This link can be attained in no other way than to have a working professional on campus. We have hosted professional actors, designers, choreographers and directors, including:

Lindsay Okasaki (former Casper College Theatre student) graduate of the University of Northern Colorado and member of Actor’s Equity Association.  Lindsay has been a guest artist twice for Anything Goes in 2001 and in the fall of 2006 in A Chorus Line.

Arthur Giron (nationally known, New York City playwright) provided seminars in playwriting and worked with the college production of his play, Flight, in spring 2007.

Mark Medoff (Tony Award winning playwright) whose fourth visit was fall of 2003. Mark provided seminars in screenwriting, and worked with a reading of his newest play, The Same Life Over.  Mr. Medoff was also in residence, 1990, 1993 and 1996.

Shirley Jones (Academy Award winning actress) presented a discussion of her career for Casper College students in September, 2003.

Anthony Zerbe (actor) who spent a week in the fall of 2002 working with 12 students to create a personal showcase.

Kurt Stamm (director/ choreographer) directed and choreographed Anything Goes! in the fall of 2001 and Chicago in 2004 as well as the Fall 2007 musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Peg Sannerud (lighting designer) designed lights for Anything Goes! during her residency in 2001.

Robert MacDougall (stage fight director) staged the violence and swordplay in TheThree Musketeers in the winter of 2001.

Kema Jamal (dancer/choreographer) has been in residence a number of times, most recently in the fall of 2002.

Greg Mullavey (actor) who played Applegate in the 1998 production of Damn Yankees!

Desmond Heeley (Tony Award winning designer) was in residence for a week in 1998 during our production of The Tempest.

Rory Scanlon (designer) designed the scenery for the 1993 production of Mark Medoff’s Stefanie Hero.

Dr. Jerry Henderson (retired head of the theatre program at Pepperdine University) directed Summer and Smoke in 2004.

Marriane McAndrew (Hello, Dolly! movie Mrs. Molloy) and her husband actor Stewart Moss, did workshops in conjunction with our production of Hello, Dolly! fall 2005.

Blair Gulledge (costumer) was our guest costume designer and director, fall 2005.

Brent Schneider (University of Utah dance faculty) was in residence for a week, spring 2005.

The Bakkhai
The Association of Theatre and Dance Students at Casper College

DanceThe Bakkhai is a student organization dedicated to the support and promotion of theatre, dance, and learning.  Members have the opportunity to participate in and even initiate theatre- and dance-based activities in addition to what is already offered by the department of theatre and dance.

Theatre and dance can be extremely time-consuming, with little time for relaxation.  The Bakkhai is in a position to sponsor relaxing and exciting activities to help break the stress of production, and bring everyone together.

Each year the Department of Theatre and Dance goes on a theatre trip to visit major theatre centers around the region.  While we usually go to Denver, we have gone as far as Minneapolis and Las Vegas in the recent past.  The Bakkhai, as an organization, is the principle fund-raising entity.  Funds raised are used to offset the cost to Bakkhai members.  Because of this function, the Bakkhai takes a strong hand in planning the activities of each year’s trip.

Membership in the Bakkhai is open to anyone with an active interest in theatre and dance.  We encourage all majors to join.  Membership is simple - express an interest, pay the dues ($10 per year) and get involved!

Dance Company of the Department of Theatre and Dance

Flight, the dance company of the Department of Theatre and Dance, is made up of students who are on dance scholarship and/or who are theatre, musical theatre or dance majors.  The fundamental requirement is a commitment to dance performance, and a willingness to commit the time to rehearsals and performance, especially the annual contemporary dance concert.  The company also represents the Department of Theatre and Dance at the American College Dance Festival and at various schools throughout the state by providing performances and workshops. 

The Association of Dance Performers

The Association of Dance Performers is a student organization recognized by the Casper College Student Senate.  This group is open to any Casper College students and focuses on various fund-raisers as well as local and statewide workshops in dance techniques and performance.  This group also works hand-in-hand with the company class to perform at various local events and act as ambassadors to Casper College.

A review of this list demonstrates the variety of productions we do at Casper College!

Casper College Theatre & Dance
  • 1997-1998
    • Oklahoma!
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • Frankstein
    • The Comedy of Errors

  • Summer 1998
    • Camelot

  • 1998-1999
    • Damn Yankees
    • Beauty and the Beast
    • The Tempest
    • Crimes of the Heart

  • Summer 1999
    • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

  • 1999-2000
    • West Side Story
    • Mrs. Coney:
    • A Tale at Christmas
    • Life is a Dream
    • The Miracle Worker

  • Summer 2000
    • Wizard of Oz

  • 2000-2001
    • Children of Eden
    • Nuncrackers
    • The Three Musketeers
    • The Odd Couple (male and female versions)

  • Summer 2001
    • Carousel

  • 2001-2002
    • Anything Goes
    • A Child’s Christmas in Wales
    • The Merry Wives of Windsor
    • The Diary of Anne Frank

  • Summer 2002
    • The Secret Garden

  • 2002-2003
    • Once Upon a Mattress
    • Best Christmas Pageant Ever
    • Blood Wedding
    • Teahouse of the August Moon

  • Summer 2003
    • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

  • Casper College Theatre & Dance2003-2004
    • Man of LaMancha
    • Spoon River Anthology
    • Best Christmas Pageant Ever
    • Summer and Smoke
    • Dance Concert: Flipside
    • Arsenic and Old Lace

  • Summer 2004
    • Chicago

  • 2004-2005
    • You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
    • Hamlet
    • The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the Moon Marigolds
    • Dance Concert: Through the Lens
    • Bitterroot

  • Summer 2005
    • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

  • 2005-2006
    • Hello, Dolly!
    • A Christmas Carol
    • The Bakkhai
    • Dance Concert: Live Music, Live Text, Live Dance
    • Dead Man Walking

  • Summer 2006
    • Little Shop of Horrors

  • 2006-2007
    • A Chorus Line
    • It's A Wonderful Life
    • As You Like It
    • Dance Concert: Entrechat
    • Flight

  • Summer 2007
    • Beauty and the Beast

  • 2007-2008
    • Throughly Modern Millie
    • Inspecting Carol
    • Galileo
    • Contemporary Dance Concert
    • Fahrenheit 451

  • Summer 2008
    • Brigadoon

  • 2008-2009
    • Sweeney Todd
    • Cloud 9 (Black Box Theatre)
    • The Gifts of the Magi
    • King Lear
    • Ishmael Hope
    • Contemporary Dance Concert: Thumbelina
    • Seagulls in a Cherry Tree (Black Box Theatre)

  • Summer 2009
    • Peter Pan

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