The Casper College Department of Theatre and Dance presents


December 2-5, 2014, at 7:30 p.m.
December 7 at 2 p.m.
and 7 p.m.
Thomas H. Empey Studio Theatre, Gertrude Krampert Theatre Complex

  • By Peter Rothstein, Erick Lichte, and Timothy C. Takach
  • Scenic and Lighting Design by Kyle Melton
  • Costume Designer: Anna Grywalski
  • Musical Direction by Zack Vreeman
  • Directed by Richard Burk

“All Is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914” relives the story of an astounding moment in history when Allied and German soldiers laid down their arms to celebrate the holiday together by trading carols, sharing food and drink, playing soccer, and burying each other’s dead. In some places the truce lasted only a night, in others until New Year's Day. This dramatic retelling contains actual quotes and letters from more than 30 World War I figures brought to life by Casper College actors. The cast will also include the Casper College Men's Choir. “All Is Calm” is a collaboration among Cantus, Theater Latté Da, and Hennepin Theatre Trust, in Minneapolis, Minn.

• $12 adults and $10 children/teens (5-18)
• $2/ticket discount for groups of 10 or more
• Patron ticket sales: Monday, November 10, 2014, beginning online sales at 10 a.m.
• General sales: Monday, November 17, 2014

• Online: See ticket icon below. (sales start November 10 at 10 a.m.)
• Phone: 307.268.2500, 800.442.2963, ext. 2500 (M-F, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.)
• In person: Box Office (M-F, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., or at the door)
Visa, MasterCard and Discover accepted. Tickets mailed for $1 per order.

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2014-2015 Season - Spread the Word
Gertrude Krampert Theatre - 30th Anniversary Season

Join us for a season of theatre and dance
that explores the ideas and great movements that have shaped our world.


Gertrude Krampert Theatre - 30th Anniversary Season

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Past Productions

Theatre and Dance Patrons

Make-up RoomAbout the Casper College Patron Program
The Patron Program provides and additional source of funding to help support theatre and dance at Casper College. In the past, patron funds have been used to help inaugurate the summer theatre program and pay professional guest artists, provide scholarships, pay royalties, operating expenses, and purchase needed equipment to enhance theatre productions.

  • The BROADWAY Club $2000-over (eight tickets to each play)
  • The ANGEL’S Club $1000-1999 (six tickets to each play)
  • The BENEFACTOR’S Club $500-999 (five tickets to each play)
  • The PRODUCER’S Club $325-499 (four tickets to each play)
  • The DIRECTOR’S Club $175-324 (three tickets to each play)
  • The ACTOR’S Club $125-174 (two tickets to each play)
    All Krampert Theatre patrons receive preferential seat selection for all five regular-season performances.

Patrons Receive the Following Benefits

  • Tickets to each of the four main productions each season with seating in any section.
  • The exclusive privilege of calling the box office one-week before tickets officially go on sale to arrange seats, giving patrons first seating choice for all performances.
  • The ability to purchase any number of additional tickets during this special week.
  • Tax deduction above the cost of tickets.
  • Mailed reminders for each production.

How Do We Use Your Money?
Since the Krampert Theatre Patron Program was developed during the first year of the operation of the Gertrude Krampert Theatre in 1985-86, it has become the major factor in the success of the theatre (now theatre and dance) program at Casper College. Through the generosity of our patrons the program has been able to grow, attracting high quality theatre and dance students.

In addition, the theatre productions have become a pillar of the arts scene in central Wyoming. Through the years the fundraising program has been guided by community volunteers; our Casper College Theatre Advisory Board. The Advisory Board has prioritized expenditure of donated funds as follows:

  • Scholarships:
    The coming year will be the sixth year the Board has supported a large number of tuition scholarships. When our dance program really began to develop beginning about six years ago, there was no longer enough scholarship funding available to cover the increased student need. The Board made helping students its first priority and now patron funds help 20 students per year.
  • Guest Artists:
    A cornerstone of the theatre and dance educational program is exposure of students to the professional worlds of theatre and dance.
  • Play Production:
    A portion of every donation is used to supplement the cost of producing plays. This is the cost of the ticket portion of each donation. For example, the royalty costs of Little Shop of Horrors were paid by the patron program.
    If you would like to become a member of the Patron Program, please print and fill out the following application.

Please download Theatre Patron Program Application.

Our patrons are a very special group, and we would like to thank them for their support and invite you, if you’re not already a part of this program to join us! Call Arlis Handeland 268-2365 for information.


Donation of $2000 – over

First Interstate Bank
Sam & denise Wiseman



Donation of $1000 – $1999

John Jorgensen Family
Heather & Thomas Rogers
Richard & Linda Wheeler



Donation of $500 – $999

Pamela Anton
Larry & Margo Bean
Bird Cage Theatrics Company
Laura Burback
Carol Chapman
Roy & Barbara Cohee
Paulann & Rob Doane
Laurie Fletcher & Allan Fraser
Dan Grace
Jessica Graham/Meadowlark Academy
Joesph & Janet Hayek
Terry & Del Johnson
Inge Kutchins
Jim & Gloria Lawrence
Dr. Allan & Diane Mattern
Bob & Terri Narotzky
D. Cope & Elizabeth H. Norcross
Dr. Louis & Cathy Roussalis
Dr. John L. Roussalis
Scott Sissman & Kate Sarosy
Mike & Jane Sullivan
Sutherland’s Lumber



Donation of $325 – $499

George & Gayle Benson
Damara Biggs
Ken & Brenda Bird
Jacek & Teresa Bogucki
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Dawson
David & Karla Dundas (honorary)
Gary & Lynette George
Donald & Hallie Harris
George & Linda Hoffman/Hydro Engineering
Glen & Peggy Kumm
Remy & Mary Larson
Bill & Carol Lineback
Tom & Lynn Lockhart
Metta Martin
Dr. Al & Margaret Metz
Ruth & Marvin Mitich
H. Boyd & JoAnn Moreland
Katharine Morton
John & Mary O’Connor
Mike & Kay Patchen
Jim & Terry Porter
Dr. James Richardson
Ken & Cathy Schulte
Dr. Craig & Patsy Smith
Amanda Taylor
July & Art Van Rensselaer
Mrs. Pat Ward
Lynn Williamson & Daniel Hauck
John & Jane Wold



Donation of $175 – $324

Dr. Peter & Marlene Asbaugh
Kermit & Linda L. Askin
Dr. John & Judy Bailey
W. N. & Joyce Barnard
John & Joanie Bean
Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Behrens
Ruth & Bill Bon
Dr. Steve and Helen Brown
Dr. Robert & Madeleine Brown
Elane Burkhalter
Cathy L. Carson
Edward & Shirley Chase
Terri Christensen
Carolyn Deuel
Dana Deuel
Anna & Jason DeWitt
Kathy & John Dolan
LouAnn Dykhuizen
Karen Ewart & Carey Fox
& Cheryl Quinlan
Sharon K. Fowler
Tammy & Erich Frankland
Wesley & Elaine Grussendorf
Fay Hall
Paul Hallock
Floyd Harnagel
Marie Hawkins & Lori Wolter
Walter & Mary Hein
John & Janet Hilde
Rose & Philip Hills
Anne & Wilmer Hines
Jean & Bob Hopkins
Etta & John Hunzicker
William & Debbie Huppert
Karen Killion
Lynn & Anne Klocksiem
Joel & Debbie LaChance
Robert E. Larson
Howard & Patsy Law
Manuel & Marilyn Lojo
DeEtta Lundberg
Dr. James & Judith Maddy
LaRee & Dick Means
Joan & Roger Means
Tom & Sharon Mesecher
Gene & Roxcy Monterastelli
Judith Naginey
Dr. Walter & Becky Nolte
Jackie O’Briant
Carol & Kevin O’Hearn
Dale & Linda Olsen
Jean & Elmer Parson
Mary Peoples
Eva O. Pickett
Gerald & Wilma Radden
Bill & Judy Rader
Tom & Tori Radosevich
Bart & Liz Rea
Bruce Richardson & Susan Stanton
Louis S. & Linda Roussalis
Michael & Sally Sarvey
Ron & Nancy Shogren
Peter C. Silva
JRichard & Kim Skatula
Viktor & Julie Strayer
Tom & Darla Sullins
Paulette & John Sutherland
Bob & Jane Tanner
Patricia Tripeny
George & Cathleen Tucker
Eric & Gayle Unruh
Anthony & Janice Valdez
Brian & Bridget Veauthier
Diana & Chester Wallace
Henry & Bonnie Wasserburger
Janet Waterman
Nancy & Bill Wayte
Debra Werger
Kay Youmans



Donation of $125 – $174

Phyllis A. Ackerman
Ron & Gale Alexander
Nanci Andrew
Susan Asbell
Scott & Margaret Ayres
Jane Baker
Ralph & Lucille Barton
Stephen & Beverly Bennett
Barbara Bentzin
Louise Bishop & Connie Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. James Boal
Rich and Mary Boettcher
Lois & J.C. Boyd
Michael & Carol Braley
Michael & Kim Brattis
Norman & Rosemarie Braz
Tom & Robin Broumley
Harry & Linda Brubaker
Dale Bundy
L. Penn & Donna Burris
Kay & Cheryl Burwell
Rebecca Byron
Clyde & Maryann Cain
Mary Ellen Callahan
Craig R. & Anne Carlsen
Margaret Cates
Fred & Val Clyncke
Jeanette Cobb
Don & Charlene Coffman
Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Collums
Anna Conarty
George & Linda Conner
Sheila Cooper
Jim & Lynn Cordova
Keith & Mary Cottam
Lyle & Jo Cox
Betty Cresswell
Tom & Marilyn Crull
Carol Crump
Don & Randisue Davis
Rose Dennis
Steve & Agnes Domonkos
Tom & Melanie Dowler
Carol J. Edgeworth
F.J. & Jacqueline Ellis
Mike Elston (Miracle Plumbing)
Nancy Engstrom
Howard & Nina Ewart
James & Diana Farrell
Sharon K. Fowler
Donna Fox
Erich & Tammy Frankland
Diahann & Ed Franklin
Donna Freemole
Patrick & Ferne Freiberg
Michael & Kris Gaither
Jerry & Betsy Galles
William Gardner
Joanne Germon &
Tom McGeorge
Betty Gosar
Pattie Gould & Kathy Clifford
Roland & Teresa Grannan
Patricia Greiner
Debra & Stuart Griner
Wes & Elaine Grussendorf
Dan & Diane Guerttman
Van & Jo Harmon
George & June Hartman
Richard & Judy Hawley
Marianne Hettinger
Charles Higgins
Signe & John Hilde
Woody & Marie Hill
Dr. James & Susan Hoag
Ken & Mary Ann Hoff
Lois Hooker
Robbie Humble
Kathy Humbracht
Etta Hunzicker
Jane Ifland
Audrey Jarvis & David Sneesby
Bobette Jasmann
Vicki Jasmann
Barry & Stacy Johnson
Deborah & Jim Johnson
Owen & Kathleen Jones
Lynn & Craig Kahler
Kathy & Pat Keefe
John & Patricia Kerns
Karen L. Killion
Graham & Sheila Kimble
Cindy & Jim King
Herm & Sally Koch
Valerie & Melissa Kulhavy
Steve & Libby Kurtz
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Laird
Ted & Bebe Leik
Ceil & Dick Lindsey
Spencer & Rita Livingston
Mike & Lea Lockard
Tom & Lynn Lockhart
James & Marilyn Lyle


ACTOR’S CLUB (continued)

Donation of $125 – $174

Don & Margie Madden
Dr. James & Judith Maddy
Jason Magnuson
Bill & Dorothy Maiers
Cheryl Malley
Gary & Becky Marsh
Linda Marvel
Terry & Dama Matchett
Carol & John Mayer
Robert Maxwell
Charles & Cynthia McBride
Donovan & Tara Jean McComb
Evelyn McDaniel
JuneAnn McDaniel
Don & Randisue Davis
Eloise McKee
Joan Means & Paula Reid
Shawn & Linnea Meline
Katherine Meloy
Robert Meloy
Todd & Tami Milliken
Ron & Sheri Mitchell
Paul & Deb Mogen
Mary Moler
Jean & Bill Mooney
George & Terri Morrison
Joyce & Kathy Morrison
Jan Oliver
April Olson
Eddie & Tamara Opella
Al & Kathy Orr
Russell & Janet Owens
Margo Perry
Rev. Rebekah Simon-Peter/Jerry Gonzales
Mary & Jim Peterson
Todd Pierce & Kara Patterson
Dana & Debby Porter
Dr. Shawn & Lisa Powell
Jerry Rager
Shirley Rector
Elaine Rosenthal
Dr. John & Darellene Roussalis
Evelyn & Ernest Sabec
Jenifer & John Scherlin
Barbara Scifers
Mary Jo Scott
Melissa Shelton
R. L. & Helen Sheppard
Joe & Lois Shickich
Mary Lynne Shickich
Isabelle H. Shields
Doris & Stephen Shive
Earl & Holly Shoemaker
Gerald & Sharon Shultz
Gina Siebke
Joe & Susan Simon
Marie Simons
David B. & Dee Anne Simonson
Jeanne Sissman
Thomas & Billye Slocum
W. Allene Smith
Paul Sorenson & Amy Daley
Waynette Spence
Byron & Beverly Stamm
Bob & Elizabeth Steinle
Mark & Pam Steinle
Martha Strand
Larry Stroh
Cathy Strong
Beecher E. Strube
George & Wendi Stull
Lynne Swank
Jean Swirczynski
Robert & Carol Tarantola
David O. & Sharon Taylor
Carol M. Terry
Dr. Kent & Cynthia Thompson
Jackie Lynn Tighe
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Tomasini
David & Melanie True
Wayne & Jennifer Tuttle
Vernon & Barbara Vinzant
Rodney Voth
Anthony Vuolo
Mark & Kathleen Vuolo
William & Mary Walford
Jennifer & Bucky Walker
Robert & Teresa Wallace
Herty I. Warnholtz
Mr. & Mrs. Hank Washut
John & Jacqueline Watters
Duane and Kathryn Weber
Joyce & Dean Weber
Gene Weiss
Will & Marni White
Charles & June Wilcox
Stephen & Elizabeth Wohlfeld
Della Works
Ronald & Susan Wyatt
Jo A. Zagar
Becki Zuchowski


Welcome to the Krampert Theatre Complex

Theatre Faculty and Staff

Community Advisory Board

  • Steven Spicher, Chairperson
  • Terri Christensen, Treasurer
  • Tori Radosevich, Vice-Chair
  • Nancy Wayte, Secretary
  • Rae Biggs
  • Carol Chapman
  • Kenneth Marken
  • Metta Martin
  • Heather Rogers
  • Cathy Schulte
  • Ron Shogren
  • Holly Turner
  • Teresa Wallace
  • Lynn Williamson


  • Box Office.
    For advance purchase of tickets the box office is open for general ticket sales approximately 10 days before each theatre production and until the last Friday of each play from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. It is also open one hour before each performance for tickets for that performance only. The telephone number for tickets is 307-268-2500.
  • Patron Program.
  • Members of the Krampert Theatre Patron Program may purchase tickets one week prior to the general public. The box office is open for this purpose only from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., one week before it opens for general sales. In addition to patron tickets, members of the program may purchase any number of additional tickets at this time.
  • No Refunds or Exchanges.
    In extreme circumstances tickets may be exchanged for a $5 service charge or because of extreme weather or health situation.
  • Children.
    For the enjoyment of our theatergoers, please do not bring children younger than five years of age. Infants are inappropriate in the theatre.
  • Latecomers.
    The Krampert Theatre reserves the right to deny admission or to reassign seats when the production has started.
  • Mail Charge.
    On all tickets that are mailed there is a $1 postage and handling charge.
  • Cancellation.
    In the event that a play is cancelled a full refund of the ticket price will be issued or tickets will be exchanged for another performance.
  • Wheelchair Patrons.
    Please inform the house manager upon your arrival to obtain assistance. When ordering tickets, please advise the box office that you have a wheelchair, and tickets will be issued according to your needs. Also, wheelchair restroom facilities are available. If you have questions, please check with an usher.
  • Distractions:
    Digital watch alarms, automatic beepers, and cellular telephones can be very distracting in a quiet theatre. Please turn them off during the performance. Also, please refrain from opening candy wrappers or other papers while in the theatre.
  • Theatre Aisles.
    Because performers frequently use aisles as entrances and exits, please keep them free of feet, purses, backpacks, etc. For your safety please remain in your seats until house lights are on.
  • Cameras and Recorders.
    The use of recording equipment or the taking of photographs in the theatre during performances is strictly prohibited.
  • Refreshments.
    Refreshments are permitted in the lobby area only.
  • Emergencies.
    In the event it becomes necessary to evacuate the theatre because of an emergency, please note the location of the exit nearest your seat and, if necessary, proceed in an orderly manner to a safe area away from the theatre.
  • The use of any recording device, either audio or video, and the taking of photographs, either with or without flash, is strictly prohibited.

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  • Saturday & Sunday - Closed

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