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How can the Tate Teaching Trunks help me in the classroom?

The Tate Teaching Trunks can help the teacher in the classroom in many ways. Not only do they have hands on samples of various rocks, minerals and fossils, but each trunk also comes with a great selection of posters, books, videos and activities that make the teaching of various aspects of Earth Science fun and easy. The trunks are great for grades 1,2,3,4 and 6 to reach the goals set in the Earth Science requirements.

  • Grade 1 Earth – Exploring the Earth
    • Identify common land forms
    • recognize the properties of earth, sand, and rocks
    • Describe how rocks change
    • The Geology Trunk has examples and activities involving Casper Mountain, how valleys are formed, what rocks and minerals make up the Earth, and how those rocks change over time.

  • Grade 2 Earth – The Changing Earth
    • Identify ways the Earth changes
    • The Geology Trunk has great posters and activities about volcanoes and earthquakes, two of the natural processes related to plate tectonics that change the planet.

  • Grade 2 Living Things – Animals
    • Identify and discuss animals from long ago
    • The Dinosaurs Trunk contains everything you need to study extinct animals from dinosaurs to mammals. Books, videos, and a wealth of both hands-on activities and worksheets make this a great teaching aid. Students are sure to enjoy the various fossil replicas that they can handle as well.

  • Grade 3 Earth – Weathering and Erosion
    • Identify surface changes caused by glaciers, water, wind and man
    • The Geology Trunk has posters, books, and activities about glaciers, erosional processes, and mining to show how man and nature work to change the surface of our planet.

  • Grade 4 Earth – Rocks and Minerals
    • Differentiate the three types of rocks
    • Describe and diagram the rock cycle
    • Define mineral
    • The Rocks & Minerals Trunk is filled with a great variety of rock and mineral samples, test kits, books, videos and activities that help students gain an understanding of how rocks and minerals form, how to tell them apart from one another, and also how we use these resources in our every day lives.

  • Grade 6 Earth – Earth Movements
    • Recognize and identify different layers of the earth
    • Describe a volcano
    • Recognize ways in which the earth's crust is constantly changing
    • The Geology Trunk has everything you need to take an in depth look at the layers of the earth, the earth's crust, and how the interactions between the crust and inner layers help contribute to the formation of various types of volcanoes.
    • Define a fossil and how they form
    • The Fossil Trunk has a great variety of real fossils and fossil replicas, along with activities to help students understand how they form. Other activities are geared towards better understanding geologic time and the changes that have occurred since the Earth was formed.

There's so much stuff in the trunks!!!
How will I know what to do with it?

Tate staff can give teachers a quick run through of the trunk's resources upon check out, or teachers can make an appointment with them for another time to have a more in depth explanation.

What if I need the trunk longer than two weeks?

Check out time can be extended by one week if there isn't a large demand for that particular trunk. Just call us towards the end of your two weeks and we can see if anyone is on the waiting list for that trunk. If not, it's all yours for another week.

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