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The following lessons were designed to fit the Natrona County School District # 1 essential curriculum standards as of May 2012. Natrona County is located in central Wyoming. Lessons were created with the Tate Geological Museum’s exhibits in mind so that teachers and visitors could work outside of the museum to enhance learning and follow-up with museum visits. The Tate Geological Museum is located in Casper, Wyoming.

Unless otherwise noted, Melissa Stahley-Cummings, Casper College Museum Curriculum Specialist, wrote the lesson plans. For questions or comments, contact her at Illustrations by Russell J. Hawley, Tate Museum Educator.

Explanation of State Standard Codes: (ST) 8.1.2.C

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  • Primary
  • Intermediate
  • Secondary
  • Fun & Games
  • Dinosaur Week Unit
    Includes ideas for math, literacy, science, music, art and fun recipes!
    Preschool Lesson Ideas
  • Lesson: Dinosaur Eggs
    Includes an activity to sort dinosaur eggs and learn about two types of dinosaurs: oviraptor & maiasaura. Discussion includes dinosaur parenting.
    Lesson Plan:Dino Eggs

    Lesson: Sorting Rocks
  • This lesson introduces students to sorting and classifying rocks through a hand-on activity.
    Lesson Plan: Sorting Rocks
1st Grade
2nd Grade
  • Lesson Plan: What do scientists do? Conduct an experiment like a scientist: Sink or Float
    Lesson: Sink or float
3rd Grade
  • Lesson: Why was the Struthiomimus sedens, the ostrich-mimic dinosaur, so fast?
    This lesson teaches how anatomy affects mobility. It includes an activity that helps students compute their leg ratio and compare it to ostrich and the Struthiomimus measurements to help determine speed.
    Lesson Plan: Struthiomimus speed
    Ostrich-mimic dinosaur illustration
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
  • Lesson:
    Fibonacci Through Time
    Students will apply the Fibonacci principle in identifying prehistoric animal and plants

  • Lesson: Women in Paleontology- A good lesson for March, as it is Women's History Month.
    Students will learn about paleontology and the important contributions women have made to the science.
    Lesson Plan:Women in Paleontology
7th Grade
  • Lesson
8th Grade
9th Grade
  • Lesson:
    Content coming soon.
10th Grade
  • Lesson:
    Content coming soon.
11th Grade
  • Lesson:
    Content coming soon.
12th Grade
  • Lesson:
    Content coming soon.

Dinosaur Jeopardy Game- Easily accessed online and can be played as a class, projected on your Smartboard.

Dee-the-Mammoth Jeopardy Game-Easily accessed online and can be played as a class, projected on your Smartboard.

Learn how to Draw Dee the Mammoth

Triceratops Craft- Make a fun and easy model of a triceratops with the template and instructions below.
Triceratops Template
Triceratops Craft

Invertebrate Fun page

Make a Dinosaur Food Web

Tools a paleontologist needs

Explanation of State Standard Codes: (ST) 8.1.2.C
(ST) Letters in parenthesis stand for the Level of Cognitive Demand - Key: (R) = Recall (A) = Application (ST) = Strategic Thinking (ET) = Extended Thinking
8–The first number indicates the grade level. Kindergarten is indicated with a K.
1–The second number indicates the Content Standard
2–The third number indicates the Benchmark under the Content Standard
C–The fourth letter or number indicates the Sub Benchmark under the Benchmark, which is under the Content Standard.
These standards are posted in greater detail on the NCSD #1 website:

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