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PortraitNeal L. Larson
Larson Paleontology Unlimited

Neal L. Larson has collected rocks, minerals and fossils since childhood and has spent his entire adult life deeply involved in the earth science business. He has seen and collected nearly every type of fossil in North America and is skilled in the preparation, restoration and conservation of all kinds of fossils from ammonites to dinosaurs. Neal is also a published scientist with dozens publications and abstracts in the field of paleontology. While his main interest is Mesozoic invertebrate fossils (primarily Mesozoic cephalopods) he has also published on the geology, historical geology, and vertebrate fossils from all over the world.

Neal operates - Larson Paleontology Unlimited a fossil/earth science preparation, conservation and consultation company that advises amateur and professional collectors, museums, businesses and landowners. Neal also works closely with amateurs and scientists in the marine Cretaceous of the Western Interior and actively collects and researches these discoveries. He is a 1977 Geology major from the South Dakota School of Mines and former Vice President, curator, salesman and preparator of Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, a company which he helped build.

Neal has been married to V. Brenda Larson for 32 years and together they have five children and five grandchildren. Brenda owns and operates Dakota Nature and Art Gallery in Hill City and Neal helps her when he can with that unique business. They live in the home that Neal built in 1992 that borders on Oblivion (an old rail town) between Hill City and Keystone.

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