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PortraitDr. Marron Bingle-Davis
Sunshine Valley Petroleum Corporation

Originally from White Lake, Michigan, Marron did her undergraduate work at Michigan State University in geology with a focus in paleontology. After getting her B.S. degree she went to the University of North Dakota to pursue her graduate work. Her M.S. centered on species concepts of closely related unionoid species of the Hell Creek Formation of eastern Montana and was completed in 2005. She finished her Ph.D., also at the University of North Dakota, in 2012, which focused on the uppermost Cretaceous and lowermost Paleocene infra- and intertrappean continental mollusks of the Deccan Plateau of India. She has also studied global convergence patterns in unionoids, which was presented at the International Congress on Bivalvia, and completed a study on the statistical relationships of microfractures in the carbonate lithofacies of the Bakken Formation in Mountrail County, North Dakota. She currently works as a petroleum geologist at Sunshine Valley Petroleum Corporation in Casper, Wyoming and enjoys outdoor activities and watching movies with her husband and 2-year-old daughter.

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