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ClassSociology is the scientific study of group life and the investigation of the social causes and consequences of human behavior. The discipline covers the full range of social behaviors; from interactions between individuals to relationships among entire societies. Sociological training imparts critical and analytical skills of considerable value and prepares students for informed participation in a complex world.

Contact Information:

Crystal Sosalla
Academic Assistant
LH 166

      Chad Hanson
Department Head
  • Chad Hanson, Ph.D.
    • Phone: (307) 268-2219
    • Office: LH 175B
    • Weblink

SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology (3L,3CR)[E][CS]:
A survey of the organization of human society and the impact of group membership and interpersonal relationships upon human behavior.

SOC 1100 Social Problems (3L,3CR)[E][CS]:
An analysis of the causes, effects and possible avenues for eradicating the social problems of our society. Crime, delinquency, family disorganization, racial conflict, and poverty are some areas of investigation. Prerequisite: SOC 1000, or permission of the instructor.

SOC 2200 Sociology of Human Sexuality (3L,3CR)[E]:
An interdisciplinary course designed to acquaint the student with the major factors affecting human sexuality. Relevant research is reviewed in biology, psychology, sociology, and anthropology, as well as religious and historical perspectives. Prerequisite: a 1000 level introductory social science or biology course. (Cross listed as PSYC 2200.)

SOC 2325 Marriage and Family (3L,3CR)[CS]:
The family as a major institution. The significant aspects of courtship and marriage; contemporary marital and domestic problems; changing functions of the family and the impact of major social changes on family life are studied. Prerequisite: SOC 1000, PSYC 1000, or permission of the instructor.

SOC 2400 Criminology (3L,3CR)[E]:
A general introduction to the nature of crime, statistics on crime, types of criminal behavior, and explorations of crime. Prerequisite: SOC 1000, or permission of the instructor.

SOWK 2000 Foundations of Social Work (3L,3CR):
Introduces social work and social welfare through an overview of the history, philosophy, ethics, values, methods, and fields of practice to generalist social work. Concurrent enrollment in SOWK 2005 is optional.

SOWK 2005 Social Work Lab (2LB,1CR):
This volunteer assignment is designed to acquaint the student with services and agencies providing a wide range of human services in the field of social work. This course is an optional Lab component taken in concern with SOWK 2000 - Foundations of Social Work.

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There are numerous opportunities within the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences at Casper College. The school is comprised of 13 departments including: Addictionology, Anthropology, Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, History, International Studies, Paralegal Studies, Political Science, Pre-Law, Psychology, and Sociology (which includes Social Work).

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