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Sim Lab imageHealth Science Simulation Center coming this fall!

The Casper College School of Health Science has been awarded $2,305,079 by the United States Department of Labor.
The money, spread out over a three-year period, will be used to create a multi-disciplinary simulation lab that will allow students and instructors from all eight health science programs in the school to participate. “The new lab will have four simulation beds and will be set up to resemble an actual hospital setting,” said Tammy Frankland, school of health science dean. According to Frankland, the lab has been in the school of health science’s strategic plan since the 2009-2010 school year. “This grant just gives us the opportunity to have the lab sooner than we expected.”

Sim Lab imageEach bed will contain a mannequin-based simulator that will not only simulate breathing sounds, heart sounds, and pulses but nearly anything that might occur in a real patient including, blinking, eye dilation and life-threatening occurrences such as heart attacks, severe allergic reactions, breathing difficulties, drug interactions, and more.

The mannequins provide an important learning opportunity for students, and they can provide important training previously only available with an actual patient. The ability to simulate a variety of health situations, including serious health complications, will provide students with a learning experience that can not only be discipline specific, but will also allow for interdisciplinary teams of students to work together.

The lab will also include a Control Room for each hospital room, which will allow faculty to be behind the scenes, yet able to control the scenario as students work. While involved in a lab simulation, students will be recorded. Video cameras will record and communicate data as part of the learning experience. These recorded scenarios then will allow both the instructors and each student to go through a debriefing process to discuss how well the student handled any health problems that may have occurred with the mannequins. This is where the learning takes place as students will be provided with immediate feedback as they observe the simulated patient responses and interact with faculty facilitators.

With the purchase of new and upgrades to existing equipment, the Simulation Lab will be well equipped to provide comprehensive clinical functionality to teach the core skills to all Health Sciences students where they will learn how to react in a safe environment and in a full range of medical situations. This in turn will produce highly qualified and knowledgeable graduates who have expanded employment opportunities and will help fill critical health care workforce needs in Wyoming.

Sim Lab image
Sim Lab image
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