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Dr. Unruh
Dr. Eric W. Unruh
Dean, School of Fine Arts and Humanities

The School of Fine Arts and Humanities consists of five departments: English & Literature, Music, Theatre & Dance, Visual Arts and World Languages. Each department focuses on a specialized area of Fine Arts and Humanities and each has a region-wide reputation for excellence.

The English and Literature department offers valuable preparation for a future in many professional areas including business, federal service, law and medicine. English continues to be excellent preparation for a career in education.

The Music department has a complete offering of the first two years of a baccalaureate degree in several areas of music including performance and music education. Casper College provides the student with quality teaching in a smaller classroom environment and curricula that develop comprehensive musicianship.

The Theatre & Dance department offers students opportunities for experience in productions from the beginning of their time at the college. Our mission is provide a foundation in theatre and prepare students for admission at the baccalaureate level.

The Visual Arts department gives students an opportunity to work in a variety of art media and decide which area should become a specialty. Students within the Visual Arts department of Casper College will gain reasonable facility in many media providing them with a comprehensive artistic experience.

The Department of World Languages and an Associate of Arts Degree in one of three core languages of French, German, or Spanish will better prepare you to successfully enter the global economy.

Development of talents in the Fine Arts and Humanities areas has been a part of the college since its inception.

Contact Information:    
Kathy Coe
Academic Assistant
(307) 268-2606
MU 137
 Dr. Eric W. Unruh
Dean, School of Fine Arts and Humanities
(307) 268-2537
MU 132


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