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Casper College is the 25th best community college in the nation and the best in Wyoming, according to the third annual college rankings from

Casper College GraduatesThe results are published at, a leading website for college and university information, in its recent rankings of 2000 U.S. public and private educational institutions. This new ranking system is based on statistical analysis and comparison of student/faculty ratio, student retention, test scores and other critical factors. The website also provides Top 500 ranking lists on data points including faculty salaries, SAT scores, student debt, top schools by state and many other criteria.

There are more than 1,100 community colleges in the U.S. Casper College and Utah's Mountainland Applied Technology College were the only two community colleges in the Rocky Mountain region to be named in the top 25.

This ranking differs greatly from others as it is based purely on a mathematical computation and comparison of key statistics; no peer evaluations and/or surveys are taken into account. uses many different measures in determining the rank of a particular school. The most important factors are a school's ACT/SAT scores, its student retention, faculty salary, and student/faculty ratio. The complete Top 2,000 college ranking is available online at

Dominik Mazur, founder of and Net Industries LLC, said, "We are very pleased to present these new, updated college and university rankings for 2011. As today's students face a tight job market and rising tuition costs, Net Industries hopes that lists like these – together with the comprehensive school profiles – will provide a great resource to help students make an informed decision regarding their future college."

Mazur also cautions students to evaluate schools based on their personal values and preferences, and not only on numbers or rankings. "The Top 2,000 rankings – or any college ranking system, for that matter – should serve as just one of many facets that help students to choose a college. If these college rankings help students and their families explore new university options, or begin college discussions that they wouldn't have had otherwise, then has done its job."

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