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All NEW 16-week program at Casper College!

Process TechnologyThe process technology certificate provides the necessary foundational skills for participants interested in entering petrochemical, electric power, and oil and gas refining career fields. This certificate program is designed to be completed in a 16-week (one-semester) Monday through Friday format. Participants will be issued an OSHA General Industry 10-hour card upon successful completion. Students also gain valuable knowledge in mechanical, electrical, and process technology areas. All students who successfully complete this program are guaranteed an interview with the Casper Sinclair Refinery.

Casper College partners with Sinclair, Pacificorp, Chevron, and Duke Energy to provide our students with cooperative work experience.
Begins Monday, August 25, 2014
Don’t wait, find out more about this exciting program and start your career in a well-paying and high job demand field.

For more information contact Mike Malone , 307-268-3066, 800-442-2963, ext. 3124

  • Mike Malone
    • Phone: (307) 268-3124
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    • Office: EI 118
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ELTR 1515 - Basic AC/DC Electronics (2L, 2LB)(3CR):
Groundwork in electrical fundamentals needed for an understanding of modern electronics.
Prerequisites: High school mathematics or work experience.

ENVT 1600 - Industrial Safety (4L)(4CR):
This course is an introduction to safety issues that affect personnel in the electric power industry. It will review general safety issues and specific Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) regulations for General Industry. Topics to be covered include: Introduction to OSHA, Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Protection Plans and Fire Protection, Electrical, Personal Protective Equipment, Walking/Working Surfaces and Fall Protection, Hazard Communication, Powered Industrial Trucks, Bloodborne Pathogens, Working in Extreme Weather Environments and Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution. All subjects will emphasize hazard awareness. An OSHA Ten-Hour general industry card will be awarded to all students successfully completing the mandatory OSHA requirements contained in this curriculum. Each student will be required to compose a three to five page essay on personal safety.

PTEC 1020 - Introduction to Mechanical Fundamentals (2L)(2CR):
Students explore the mechanical concepts commonly found in a plant setting. They will examine piping systems including dimension, connections, blinding and more. Students become familiar with common hand tools and terminology found in many plants. They examine steam traps, strainers and their applications. They are also introduced to common pumps and drivers, compressors fans and heat exchangers.

PTEC 1500 - Introduction to Process Technology (2L)(2CR):
This course is the foundation for all of the other courses in the PTEC program. Introduction to Process Technology provides a general overview of the Process Industry, the roles and responsibilities of Process Technicians, types of equipment and processes handled on the job, and the general knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to succeed as a Process Technician. It is expected that students will use this course as an opportunity to explore the industry and the occupation of Process Technician before making a long-term commitment to become a Process Technician.

PTEC 1550 - Foundations of Quality (2L)(2CR):
Foundations of Quality introduces students to many process industry-related quality concepts including operating consistency, continuous improvement, plant economics, team skills and statistical process control (SPC).

PTEC 1600 - Process Technology I (2L, 2LB)(3CR):
The purpose of this course is to provide an overview or introduction into the field of Process Technology I - Equipment within the process industry. Within this course, students will be introduced to many process industry-related equipment concepts including purpose, components, operation, and the Process Technician’s role for operating and troubleshooting the equipment.

PTEC 1605 / ELTR 1605 - Process Technology II (2L, 2LB)(3CR):
Fundamentals of automatic control - including the operation of selected sensors and conditioning circuits. Several process control systems will be analyzed and reproduced using single loop digital controllers. Additional topics include: data communications in the industrial process and programmable logic controllers. Prerequisites: ELTR 1515 or ELTR 1570 or permission of instructor.

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The world of business and industry is a dynamic and changing environment. Our programs offer a wide range of study and career choices and our faculty members take the time to help students explore the options and choose the best career path possible. Our degree programs focus on the education and skills needed in modern business and industry.

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