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Political Science is the study of the formal and informal institutions and processes by which people seek to regulate themselves in civil society. Students who major in political science often seek careers in the private sector, teaching, government service and administration, and the law.

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Crystal Sosalla
Academic Assistant
LH 166

      Erich Frankland
Department Head
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POLS 1000 American and Wyoming Government (3L,3CR)[E][V]:
The organization and nature of the American national government and Wyoming state government and their constitutional development. This course meets the statutory requirement for instruction in the Constitutions of the United States and Wyoming.

POLS 1010 Survey of the U. S. and Wyoming Constitutions (3L,*,1CR):
*A five-week module of lecture. A study of the Constitutions of the United States and Wyoming, and principles and ideals of American political institutions. This course satisfies the statutory requirement of instruction in the Constitutions of the United States and Wyoming for Casper College, but does not meet requirements for the University of Wyoming.

POLS 1020 Issues in Foreign Relations I (3L,3CR):
(BOCES class.) This yearlong course entails an introduction to the concepts, institutions, and issues of contemporary foreign relations from the perspective of the United States. The focal point of the course are group analyses of selected prominent issues in the post Cold War world, which will include extensive research, writing, discussions, and oral presentations of the groups’ findings. Prerequisite: Application and permission of the instructor.

POLS 1030 Issues in Foreign Relations II (3L,3CR):
(BOCES class.) This course is the second semester of the yearlong seminar which entails an introduction to the concepts, institutions and issues of contemporary foreign relations from the perspective of the United States. The focal point of this course is the group research assignment. Prerequisite: Application, POLS 1020, and permission of the instructor.

POLS 1200 Non-Western Political Cultures (3L,3CR)[E][CS][G]:
This course gives students appreciation of non-Western political cultures and how these cultures have created different political institutions and practices. Consists of three case studies of non-Western nations selected from China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania and Russia.

POLS 2000 Current Issues in American Government (3L,3CR):
This course examines current political topics in the United States. It focuses on key public policy problems, the policy-making process and the final policy choice. Students must keep abreast of political events on a daily basis and apply basic concepts in American government to current affairs.  Prerequisite: POLS 1000 or permission of the instructor.

POLS 2120 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3L,3CR):
The agencies and processes involved in the criminal justice system legislature, the police, the prosecutor, the public defender, the courts, and corrections. An analysis of the roles and problems of law enforcement in a democratic society with an emphasis upon intercomponent relations and checks and balances. (Cross-listed as CRMJ 2120.)

POLS 2200 The Politics of Europe and the European Union (3L,3CR)[E]:
Examines formal and informal aspects of politics in Britain, other West European countries, and the European Union.

POLS 2310 Introduction to International Relations (3L,3CR)[E][G]:
A theoretical and practical survey of the international political system, including concepts of power and power relationships, elements of international organizations and contemporary international relations. Prerequisite: HIST 1120, or POLS 1000, or permission of the instructor.

POLS 2410 Introduction to Public Administration (3L,3CR)[E]:
Public administration involves the core activities of government that are performed, for the most part, by highly trained experts and specialized organizations; its purpose is the development and implementation of public policy. This broad definition encompasses a large dynamic portion of government at all three levels of the federal system, engaging even nonprofit and private enterprise. Prerequisite: POLS 1000.

POLS 2460 Introduction to Political Theory (3L,3CR)[E]:
A survey of selected writings in the history of Western political theory from the classical period to the present. Prerequisite: POLS 1000, or sophomore standing, or permission of the instructor.

POLS 2465 Directed Studies in Political Science (1-3L, 1-3 CR):
This course will center on faculty-guided research in an area of mutual interest to the student and instructor within the political science, international studies, or pre-law majors. This course has the option of including internship experience as part of the directed studies.

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There are numerous opportunities within the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences at Casper College. The school is comprised of 13 departments including: Addictionology, Anthropology, Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, History, International Studies, Paralegal Studies, Political Science, Pre-Law, Psychology, and Sociology (which includes Social Work).

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