In Memoriam
Jared Bowden and
Raymond Steinbacher

Date: Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 2:26 PM

Jim Krumm
Jim was an amazing individual. His dedication to his students was something that all faculty members at Casper College should strive for. Students never had a complaint, always admiring the time and effort he put forward in making their educational experience top notch and unique. Jim personally saw to each and every Computer Science major on campus, always giving his majors his heart and soul. He taught his courses both in the classroom and online, never being paid for his online time just to make sure all of his courses would be available to his students. When you went to Jim with a computer question, he would never hesistate to help, sometimes writing a new computer program to make a solution you may have never even considered. He did this not just because he had an interest in any computer problem, but because he was an amazing person and friend.
Jim enjoyed the outdoors, with sailing holding a special place for him. He took many of the Casper College employees on boating excursions, teaching them this world that he so loved. He also loved to work on computers and create programs, such as working for years on a program for years to translate Norse runes, using his skill in the computer field with a passion for ancient cultures. His program would allow him to both type an English phrase and show the run (which he programed the symbols in) as well as take a known rune and translate it back into English. He was an artisitic soul, loving both music and playing instruments such as the guitar. He loved to travel, spending much time at his Florida home and well as in Europe (Denmark, specifically, where he had some family ties.)

Heidi was a teacher that always questioned her own methods, striving to find that which would compliment her own unique style. Heidi made bridges across campus, going beyond just the building she found her office in. She found friends in all areas, trying to make people happy and wanting them to just get along. She spoke many times with other faculty members about different pedagogical techniques, questioning the effectiveness these could have in her classroom. She made a search of finding a way to teach math better, trying to meet her own expectations of excellence in the classroom. The best thing you could say about Heidi is that the students who succeeded in her class also succeeded in their following coursework.

Heidi loved life, sharing this joy with a select few of those close to her. She was bold and loved to travel, filling each second of her life with adventures from one end of the world to the other. Heidi was always looking for something in life, investigating many spiritual and philosophical questions. She was a seeker, always trying to make connections between her own self and her close friends. She was someone who marched to a beat of a different drum, one that sometimes others had to struggle to see. She wanted to be that smart hippie chick, living life for the next adventure that was just around the corner.

She loved to play music, learning to play the guitar to go along with a beautiful voice. She was known to bring her guitar during the last days of the semester, playing music with other faculty members. She loved to cook, seeing the art that many miss in this endeavour, learning as she went.

Jim and Heidi complemented each other.
At first glance, it seemed an odd couple sort of relationship, however, they brought out the best in one another. Heidi moved Jim out into the world instead of a computer screen, and Jim giving Heidi the traveling companion she had always been looking for. Jim was a widower, his first wife Carol(e?) passing 8 years ago from cancer. Jim and Heidi found companionship in the trying times following this event, finding a friend in each other when it was most needed.

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Joseph Hayek

Date: Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 1:08 PM

An email excerpt from Joseph Hayek to Gerald "Jerry" Nelson, Ph.D., Professor of Geology and Geography

"I told you of my hour and a half with Jim when I went to see him about the Atmospheric Soundings Project. It was so nice of him to do that with me. Now, those few minutes and many laughs are especially precious to me. If and when virtual strangers come to me and ask for help with something, I think that I will remember Jim. Thanks for the pic of the Northern Lights you posted the other day. I will always think of Jim and Heidi when see a pic of the Lights from now on."

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