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Barb Meryhew

Director of Student Life
Toll Free: 1-800-442-2963 ext. 2249
Emily Busby

Residence Hall Area Coordinator
Toll Free: 1-800-442-2963 ext. 2851
Nicholas Whipps

Student Activities Coordinator
Toll Free: 1-800-442-2963 ext. 2638
Peggy Candelaria

Student Life Administrative Assistant 
Toll Free: 1-800-442-2963 ext. 2394
Student Center, Room 205

Thank you for choosing to live in campus housing. If you have any questions that are not answered via this website,
please feel free to call the Housing Office Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Our toll free number is 1-800-442-2963, ext. 2249.

Click here for more details on Campus Housing.

General Information (updated 4/2/13 )


Housing applications for the Summer 2013 semester, as well as the 2013-2014 academic year are now available at the Housing office or online via the links below. These all include updates of the Terms and Conditions.

Click here to report a student of concern

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General Housing Information

Students residing in Casper College residence halls are expected to be largely responsible for the regulation of their own behavior. Existing regulations are intended to set the foundation for providing an educationally sound atmosphere within the building and on campus. Students are allowed to regulate their own hours, and no curfew is imposed. Each student receives a building key, allowing the buildings to be locked at night.

Many students have asked, "As a new residence hall resident, what should I bring with me?" Here is a list of items that a new student should bring to campus.

  • Blankets, bedspread and *sheets (the size of the bed is 39" x 80")
  • Towels
  • Robe
  • Pillow
  • Iron
  • Waste basket
  • Laundry soap and laundry basket
  • Soap and other personal toiletries
  • Shower curtain and rings
  • Toilet paper
  • Cleaning supplies (for cleaning your bathroom)

You may want to use a trunk or footlocker for storage, as well as a table in your room. Residence hall rooms are relatively small spaces shared with a roommate, so be realistic about the amount of clothing, furniture and other items you bring with you. Any and all furnture must be approved by the housing staff prior to moving into the residence hall and/or apartment.

All students who live in the residence halls are required to eat in the Ben Roberts Commons Cafeteria.


Resident Assistants - 2014

Do you have a question, but don't know whom to ask? Ask your resident assistant.

Conveniently located down the hall on your floor is a friendly and knowledgeable person who is ready to answer your questions or to find someone who can. Each resident assistant is trained to listen and help you to work through any problems and questions you may have. The resident assistant is a great source of information, knowing where to go for help with academics, security, maintenance, roommates, or anything else with which you may need assistance. He or she also has the responsibility of enforcing college regulations and policies. Resident assistants are here to make sure your life in the hall is pleasant and safe so let them help. They're great people to get to know.

Residence Hall Resident Assistants



Alexis Banta
Housing Graduate Assistan








Taylor Dick
Resident Assistant


Sam Cabello
Resident Assistant









Resident Assistant



Antonia Aipperspach
Resident Assistant t








Marisa Peterson
Resident Assistant


Ian Nagel
Resident Assistant







Resident Assistant




Clay Carper
Resident Assistant

Holly Adamson
Resident Assistant

Resident Assistant









Resident Assistant


Want to make an impact on your campus community?
Want to build and nurture relationships with your peers?
Want to have practical experience that you can use on resumes and apply to the real world?


Apply to become a RESIDENT ASSISTANT!!
Fill out the application below and turn it into the new student union building room 404.

Resident Assistant Application Packet



Barb Meryhew
Director of Student Life
CE 203

  • Director of Student Life
    The duties associated with the administration of student residential living include fiscal, maintenance and housekeeping operations of the residence halls, as well as involvement in the planning and forecasting of student activities and student welfare. The director of residential living works with students on an individual basis or with groups of students in developing programs that contribute to the cultural, intellectual and social growth of the students here at Casper College. Other responsibilities of the director of residential living include serving as an advisor to the food service committee and planning and coordinating in-service training programs for the hall directors and resident assistants.

Emily Busby
Residence Hall Area Coordinator 
RH 100D

  • Residence Hall Area Coordinator
    The Area Coordinator lives on campus and is a full-time employee. He or she has overall responsibility for supervision of the residence halls, upholding the policies of the college and overseeing the functioning of the halls staff and activities in the halls. The Area Coordinator is responsible for the general welfare of the students living within the halls. 

Nicholas Whipps
Student Activities Coordinator
CE 205

  • Student Activities Coordinator
    The Student Activities Coordinator is responsible for planning, implementing, and coordinating the Student Activities office’s three program areas: campus activities, special event activities, and intramural sports.

    Responsibilities include: advising the Student Activities Board [SAB]; assisting the student life director in developing facilities use, service, and activities agreements with external entities and persons, as well as assisting with the development and implementation of the budget for the intramural sports program; supervising student employees working within the various recreational activities programs; publicizing the various recreational activities and Student Activities Board’s programs; conducting assessments of the impact of the various programs within the student activities area of Student Life.


Peggy Candelaria
Student Life Administrative Assistant 
CE 202




  • Housing Application: Fall 2014 - Spring 2015
    • Looking to live in the Residence Halls? Fill out this application and submit it to the housing office in one of two ways:
      • Mail it to the housing office at: Housing, 125 College Dr, Casper WY 82601
      • Fax it to (307) 268-2203, Attn: Housing
    • The housing application requires a $200 deposit
    • By submitting this application, you are bound by the 2012-2013 Residence Halls Terms and Conditions of Occupancy.
  • Private Room Request
    • Print and fill out this form should you wish to request a private room during a semester. Return this form to either your hall desk or the housing office. Submitting this form does not mean a private room will be granted.
  • Roommate Change Request
    • Print and fill out this form should you wish to request a different roommate during the semester. Return this form to either your hall desk or the housing office. Submitting this form does not mean a roommate change will be granted.
  • Work Order
    • Something wrong with our facilities?
      We've got the form for you! Print and fill out this form and return it to either your hall desk or the housing office.
  • Roommate Contract
  • Report a student of concern to the Behavioral Intervention Team

Housing Terms and Conditions

Residence Hall

HousingWheeler Terrace Apartments

  • Casper College renovated eighteen funished apartments Summer 2010. The two-bedroom units rent for $2,400 per person/per semester (double occupancy) including all utilities, cable TV, high-speed internet, and local telephone.
    • Application Form
    • Terms and Conditions Form

Civic Non-Traditional Apartments

  • The College also rents twelve (12) one-bedroom unfurnished apartments to couples or single non-traditional students for $600.00 per month, utilities, cable TV, high-speed internet, and local telephone included. (Non-traditional, for this purpose, is defined as 24 years of age or older.)

Thorson Apartments

  • The College also rents eight (8) one-bedroom furnished apartments to single students for $600.00 per month, utilities, cable TV,high-speed internet,and local telephone included.

A deposit of $200.00 is required to hold a reservation for all apartments. Prospective tenants will be placed on a waiting list when the application and deposit are received. An application and deposit does not guarantee an apartment at the time requested. Apartments are assigned in the order of the date the deposit is paid. The deposit is refunded when the apartment is vacated in satisfactory condition and all financial obligations to the College are met. The deposit will be refunded if the application for campus housing is canceled prior to being assigned as apartment.

Off-campus housing for both apartments and houses is available in the Casper area. Prices range from $400.00 to $800.00 + per month. The best source of an up to date off-campus listing would be the classified section of the Casper Star Tribune or the Yellow Pages of the Casper telephone directory.

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