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Gary Donnelly - Hospitality Instructor with clientHospitality Management focuses on one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Hospitality includes, among others, focus areas in food and restaurant operations and management, the lodging industry and operations, parks and recreation, management, entrepreneurship, and conference centers. Students majoring in this area typically have an interest in owning or managing an enterprise or organization in the hospitality industry.

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Ginny Garner
Hospitality & Marketing Instructor
BU 109
      Rachel Wright
Academic Assistant
CS 116


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  • Ginny Garner
    • Phone: (307) 268-2600
    • Office: BU 109
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  • Scott Nolan
    • Phone: (307) 268-2506
    • Office: BU 110
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BADM 1000 Introduction to Business (3L,3CR):
An orientation to the field of business: types of business organizations, financing of businesses, marketing functions, and business environment.

BADM 1005 Business Mathematics I (2L,2LB,3CR):
Designed to review basic mathematics skills and build a proficiency in the operation of electronic calculators. These skills are applied to practical business problems in bank services, payroll, taxes, risk management, mark-up, discount, depreciation, financial analysis, simple and compound interest. Prerequisite: MATH 0920 or Algebra Domain 40-65.

BADM 1020 Business Communications (3L,3CR):
Helps students to compose, edit, and rapidly revise business messages on microcomputers. Group interaction is emphasized with written communications, reports, and other communications resources such as speaking and listening, and use of the Internet and e-mail.

BADM 1100 Human Resource Hospitality Management (3L,3CR):
This course presents a systematic approach to human resource management in the hospitality industry. Students will analyze contemporary issues and practices, as well as the trends that transform the way people are managed.

BADM 2010 Business Law I (3L,3CR)[E]:
An introductory survey course providing a broad overview of business related legal topics. Students will be familiarized with the nature and sources of law, court systems, jurisdictions of state and federal courts, small claims court, common law, statutory law, constitutional law, criminal law, torts, contracts, (especially as they are affected by the Uniform Commercial Code), social responsibility and business ethics, property law, estate planning, and how to avoid probate.

BADM 2340 Business Organizations and Government Regulations (3L,3CR)[E]:
A study of the principles of agency and employment law, independent contractors, wrongful termination, worker’s compensation, civil rights act, administrative law, environmental law, antitrust, partnerships, limited partnerships, joint-ventures, corporations, subchapter S corporations, limited liability companies, franchises, security regulation, lender liability and consumer protection, and international law. Prerequisite: BADM 2010 or equivalent, advanced business student.

BADM 2350 Commercial Law (3L,3CR):
A study of the basic principles of the law of personal and real property and its financing, water law, landlord and tenant, bailments, Uniform Commercial Code, sales, commercial paper, secured transactions, Uniform Consumer Credit Code, creditor’s remedies and suretyship, bankruptcy and reorganization, exemptions, enforcement of judgment, garnishment, and execution. Prerequisite: BADM 2010 or equivalent, advanced business student.

BADM 2410 Introduction to Hotel-Motel Management Industry (3L,3CR):
Overview of hotel-motel management. For persons having a career interest in the hotel-motel industry and for those wishing to develop or improve their job skills. Includes the history, structure, and social and economic background of the industry; the lodging market and the organization of hotel-motel operations and career opportunities.

BADM 2415 Convention Sales and Management (2L,2CR):
Defines the scope and various segments of the convention market, explains what is required to meet individual needs, and explores methods and techniques which lead to better sales and service.

BADM 2420 Front Office Procedures (2L,2CR):
Traces the flow of activities and functions performed in today’s lodging operations with a comparison of manual, machine-assisted, and computer based methods for each front office function.

BADM 2430 Organization and Administration in the Hospitality Industry (3L,3CR):
Analyzes management’s function and responsibility in such areas as administration, organization, communication, accounting, marketing, and human relations as they relate to the hospitality industry.

BADM 2480 Cooperative Work Experience (Hospitality Management) (1-3CR) (Max. 9):
Students are afforded the opportunity to gain practical on-the-job experience in their area of hospitality management. Students will be supervised by the program coordinator and the employer. A minimum of 80 hours of on-the-job training represents one credit hour. Student must maintain 12 credit hours with a 2.0 GPA during the semester. Prerequisite: full-time hospitality management major and permission of program coordinator.

HOSP 1550 Hospitality Supervision (3L,3CR):
This course teaches the skills that can help students develop effective supervision and management skills that are essential to success in the industry. Topics include how to recruit, select, and train; increase productivity; control labor costs; communicate effectively; manage conflict and change; and use time management techniques. Resources on creating a professional development plan for a hospitality career can help set the direction for future educational and professional endeavors.

HOSP 1560 Quality Sanitation Management (3L,3CR):
This course presents the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) method of food safety in a systematic understandable format ideal for both staff training and classroom teaching. Clearly defined items, detailed lists of food safety responsibilities, and checklists for all control points show students how to apply the concepts learned in class to an actual food service operation.

HOSP 2510 Hospitality Sales and Marketing (3L,3CR):
This course will help students discover how to build a top-flight sales team with creative, successful sales and marketing programs that really work. Students will learn new ways to sell rooms and food and beverage services to business and leisure travelers, travel agents, and meeting planners.

HOSP 2520 Marketing of Hospitality Services (3L,3CR):
This course teaches how to use proven marketing techniques to improve business, and how to discover, identify and reach the desired customer by using marketing tactics specific to hospitality services.

HOSP 2535 Planning and Control for Food and Beverage Operations (3L,3CR):
Students will be exposed to the most up-to-date control processes used to reduce costs in food and beverage operations worldwide. The course provides an increased focus on multi-unit-management and technology applications and exposing students to cutting edge resources.

HOSP 2540 Bar and Beverage Management (3L,3CR):
This course provides an introduction to bar and beverage management; planning, equipping, staffing, operating, and marketing a facility; how beverages are made, purchased, controlled and mixed into different kinds of drinks.

HOSP 2600 Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry (3L,3CR):
This course explores quality and leadership issues in today’s hospitality industry. Topics include power and empowerment; communication; goal setting; high-performance teams; diversity; managing organizational change; and strategic career planning. Students will learn why traditional management theories don’t fit today’s industry, and how a company’s service strategy relates to guest perception of value.

HOSP 2620 Training and Development for the Hospitality Industry (3L,3CR):
Training is the key to keeping pace with the hospitality industry’s changing demands for a qualified workforce. Lean how to develop, conduct, and evaluate one-on-one and group training that will reduce turnover, improve job performance, and help any organization attain its goals. Students will discover why training is an important investment for their property, how to train various levels of employees and how to implement effective instructional design techniques and processes.

IMGT 2400 Introduction to Information Management (3L,3CR)[E]:
Concerned with managing the use of information systems to make organizations more competitive and efficient. Specific topics include organizational and technical foundation of information systems and building and managing systems. Prerequisite: COSC 1200 or equivalent.

MGT 1000 Introduction to Supervision (2L,2CR):
A practical course in business supervision covering communication, attitude perception and modification, group dynamics, orientation and training, discipline, grievances, and termination. Role playing is emphasized as a learning tool. Prerequisite: BADM 1000 or MGT 2100 or permission of the instructor.

MGT 2110 Organizational Behavior (3L,3CR):
This is an introductory course exposing students to theoretical assumptions of organizational change. Students will be introduced to such topics as organizational structure, recruitment, retention and succession planning, employee motivation, and diversity and culture within the workplace. Students will explore how diversity and culture impact individuals, organizations and society.  Students will learn practical operations of recruiting, retention and development of employees by focusing on matching employees' needs and aspirations within the organization.  They will study the different types of organizational structures and their influence on organizational intelligence, employee development, learning and performance. Prerequisite: MGT 2100.

MGT 2320 Food and Beverage Management (3L,3CR):
Provides a basic understanding of food production and service management, reviewing sanitation, menu planning, purchasing, storage, and beverage management. Prerequisite: BADM 2410, or permission of the instructor.

MGT 2330 Food and Beverage Services (3L,3CR):
Provides students with practical skills and knowledge for effective management of food and beverage services in outlets ranging from cafeteria and coffee shops to room service, banquet areas, and high check average dining room. Presents basic service principles while emphasizing the special needs of guests. Prerequisite: BADM 2410, or permission of the instructor.

MKT 1000 Sales (3L,3CR):
A survey of the principles and methods in the selling process from determination of customer needs and wants to closing the sale.

MKT 2100 Principles of Marketing (3L,3CR)[E]:
Management’s approach to analyzing and solving problems in product planning, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods and services. Consumer orientation and marketing’s key role in profitable business operations are emphasized.

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