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Welcome to GEAR UP

Our Services Include:

    • Tutoring and Academic Assistance
    • Summer Academies
    • Interaction with Colleges and Universities
    • Post-secondary Education Information
    • Career Exploration and Investigation
    • Parent Workshops
    • Goal Setting Workshops

It’s time to GEAR UP and get serious about your education! If you are looking for a fun and adventurous program, a way to be involved, or just some extra tutoring, GEAR UP is for you. If you aren’t already enrolled you are missing out on a great opportunity. GEAR UP activities include cultural events, career exploration, and ways to jump start your college education.

This program can also answer questions that you may have about college, help with testing fees, and provide opportunities to make new friends.


GEAR UP also has post-secondary scholarships available for enrolled students. If you are in 7th-12th grade, actively seeking your GED, or participating in home-school, please contact us for more information.

In conjunction with Casper College, GEAR UP helps youth to be successful in junior high or high school and encourages the pursuit of post-secondary education. Through partnering with local schools and community agencies, participants are exposed to a variety of fun, educational activities!

For more information, contact:

GEAR UP Office
(307) 268-2047
Strausner Hall, Room 102
Fax: (307) 268-3002

Meet the GEAR UP Staff

PortraitRay Pacheco, GEAR UP Regional Director:
He holds a Master in Social Work degree from the University of Wyoming and B.S. degree in Political Science from Carroll College in Helena, MT. Ray has two boys that continue to grow despite his wishes they stay kids forever. His wonderful partner Susie is the secret behind his success and happiness. Ray loves to stay active in the community and volunteer in his church especially in the youth program. When he has time Ray loves to read and spend quiet time with friends and family. Contrary to popular belief Ray is not a comic book nerd but he does love Superman and superheroes.
  PortraitAndrea Covert, Student Success Team Lead:
She holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming and is a certified K-6 grade teacher. Before joining the GEAR UP team, Andrea worked for seven years with Upward Bound where she worked with students in grades 9-12. In her spare time, Andrea loves relaxing with her beautiful puppies Karma and Nirvana, reading, cooking and spending time with her friends and family.
PortraitStephanie Marker, Student Success Advisor:
She holds a B.A. in Secondary Education and Biology from the University of Wyoming, an A.S. in Physical Education from Casper College, and is a certified 6-12 science teacher. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys any outdoor activity, traveling, reading, drinking coffee, spending time with friends and family and playing with her Springer Spaniel, Maximus.
  Portrait - Rodney Oster, Student Success AdvisorRodney Oster, Student Success Advisor:
Rodney is a 2010 graduate from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s degree in social work.  He also has an associate’s degree in addictionology and general studies from Casper College.  He enjoys working with the youth in the community and helping them achieve their goals.
PortraitAnna Skimbova, GEAR UP Assistant:
Anna was born in Ukraine, and raised in Russia. She came to Casper when she was 22. She has two children. She attended a Climb Wyoming program to get a career that she wanted and to support her family. Anna says it's the best thing that happened for her and her family! The second best thing is GEAR UP. She loves working at the GEAR UP office!
  Portrait - Alex Zurawski - GEAR UP Work StudyAlex Zurawski, GEAR UP Work Study:
Alex is working towards his Associates of Arts degree in Elementary Education. He loves giving up his free time to help others and hopes to assist communities as much as possible. Working for GEAR UP is improving his knowledge on how students will behave in a classroom. He is very active and loves dancing to show people who he is.

Click Here for the GEAR UP Gazette

Check out the latest edition of the "GEAR UP Gazette"

Excerpts from articles in this month's issue:

  • Welcome Rodney Oster: "We would like to introduce our newest member to the GEAR UP team in Casper, Wyoming. Rodney Oster is our new student success advisor.... He is very excited to be a member of such a great team and successful program!”

  • Tips, Tricks, Tidbits: "Back to school, means back to school shopping! .... Have no fear, here are a few tips that will help those who enjoy, or don’t enjoy, back to school shopping."

  • Parents Piece: "Cutting and Self-Harm: Warning Signs and Treatment: Cutting. It’s a practice that is foreign, frightening, to parents. It is not a suicide attempt, though it may look and seem that way. Cutting is a form of self-injury – the person is literally making small cuts on his or her body, usually the arms and legs. It’s difficult for many people to understand. But for kids, cutting helps them control their emotional pain, psychologists say."

  • As well as "GEAR UP Focus Event," "Birthday Box-August," "Steph's Fitspot," "Meet the GEAR UP Staff," "From the Cupboard," and the "GEAR UP Calendar of Events."

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Find out what's going on with GEAR UP in Woyming by reading the GEAR UP Wyoming Matters spring newsletter. The spring issue highlights include: a former GEAR UP Wyoming student shares her study-abroad story; the Laramie County Community College GEAR UP program.

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  • Application (English and Spanish):
    • CLICK HERE to access the CC GEAR UP Application Form (English).
    • HAGA CLIC AQUÍ para acceder al formulario de solicitud de GEAR UP CC (Español)

  • Student Intake Form:
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  • Scholarships:
    • CLICK HERE to access the Casper College GEAR UP Enrichment Scholarship Application Form.

    • GEAR UP Wyoming Federal Scholarship info and deadlines:
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GEAR UP Statewide:

GEAR UP is funded by the Department of Education. Below are GEAR UP programs around the state. The GEAR UP grant is managed at the University of Wyoming, with student programming coordinated through each of Wyoming's seven community colleges.

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