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The purpose of the Casper College Foundation shall be to enhance the educational opportunities and environment
at Casper College.

The Campus...Community...Vision campaign of the Casper College Foundation will raise the remaining dollars needed to allow the college to complete the Campus Master Plan. The plan, which includes five new buildings and a dramatic new campus plaza, provides a beautiful and functional new "front door" to campus while breathing new life into some of the college's most venerable and recognizable buildings.

Generous local taxpayer support, special state allocations, and careful management of existing resources has provided more than 90 percent of the needed resources, but participation from friends of the college is needed to finish raising the last $2.3 million to complete the largest campus expansion since the 1970s. Dick and Linda Wheeler of Casper have generously created a $1 million dollar challenge match going on right now through the Casper College Foundation. So please donate right now for the maximum good.

The campaign presents potential donors with a significant charitable deduction opportunity. For the 2013 tax year households with higher income levels will not see a phase out of their donation deductibility, making it a prime opportunity for individuals to support the college and receive the maximum tax benefit.

For more information contact:
Paulann Doane
Executive Director
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