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Extractive Resources TechnologyFor several decades, there have been very few employment opportunities in the skilled trade areas within the Rocky Mountain region. Today, numerous companies and government agencies predict that half of their employees will be retiring within the next ten to fifteen years. The Western Area Power Authority, Halliburton, and many pipeline companies are looking at a 50% or more retirement rate within the next decade. These employees need to be replaced by people with the proper skills for the jobs.

Due to the expanding economy is the oil and natural gas industry, there is a major shortage of skilled workers in Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region. The shortage of skilled technicians effects many companies and agencies in Wyoming and the local region, including the petroleum industry. Many petroleum companies are finding it hard to find and keep technicians trained for their industry.

Casper College is one of a handful of schools in the United States training technicians to work in the oil and gas industry. A survey conducted by the college indicates there is a need for trained technicians and enhanced employment opportunities for technicians trained to work in the petroleum industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these employment opportunities are high paying jobs for workers with the right skills and proper training. Most positions in the oil and gas industries pay between $14 and $26 per hour. As the oil and gas industry expands and retirement increases, the demand for skilled technician will only increase, providing many employment opportunities for graduates from this exceptional program.

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Renee Hardy
Academic Assistant
(307) 268-2513
PS 132

      Ken Kreckel
(307) 268-3457
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EXTR 1500 Geology of Extractive Resources (3L,3CR):
The study of the basic concepts associated with understanding the geology of the occurrence of oil, gas, oil shale, coal, coal bed methane, uranium, trona, bentonite, industrial minerals, and precious minerals in Wyoming.

EXTR 1510 Fundamentals of Petroleum (3L,3CR):
The study of basic concepts associated with the exploration, development, production and transportation of oil and natural gas resources. Prerequisite: EXTR 1500.

EXTR 2510 Introduction to Well Drilling (3L,1LB,3.5CR):
An introduction to the basics of drilling in the extractive industries. Topics will include an overview of the purpose, type and mechanics of drilling. Emphasis will be placed on Wyoming industries such as oil and gas, coal bed methane, uranium, and soda ash. The type and size of various rigs will be discussed. Drilling operations including the selection of rigs, bits, well control, and logging will be introduced. The course will include the discussion of casing runs, cementing, and a brief introduction to completion operations. Prerequisite: EXTR 1510, or permission of the instructor.

EXTR 2520 Introduction to Well Logging (3L,3CR):
An introduction to the basics of modern electric well logs. Topics will include a quick overview of how a well is drilled and a brief history of logging tools. The main focus will be on modern electric log types and their interpretation and application, including resistivity and porosity logs.  Specialty logs including dipmeters and borehole televiewers will be examined.

EXTR 2530 Oil and Gas Production (3L,1LB,3.5CR):
In introduction to the basics of oil and gas production. Topics will include a quick overview of the history of production, oil and gas reservoirs, drilling, testing, and completing wells. The main focus will be on oil and gas properties, production methods, enhanced recovery methods, field processing, and well maintenance. Prerequisite: EXTR 1510, or permission of the instructor.

EXTR 2540 Petroleum Refining (3L,3CR):
This course will cover the process, technology and operations that are necessary for the refinement of petroleum products. Prerequisite: EXTR 2530.

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