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The Casper College Electronics Technology program offers one of the most comprehensive instructional electronics program in Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain area.  The goal of the electronics program is to train and provide the electronics industry with highly skilled electronic technicians.

Students are exposed to a broad range of skills to ensure graduates a rewarding career in the electronics field.  The instructors in the electronics program have a wide variety of experiences and skills from working in the electronics industry.  These allow the instructors to create an informative work environment for the electronics students.  Graduates of the electronics program will obtain skills in the types of electronic equipment that are used in the electronics industry, such as; computer repair, communications systems, instrumentation systems, and industrial systems.

Graduates from the electronics program can obtain multiple certifications, if they desire.   They may become Certified Electronic Technicians or Certified Fiber Optic Installers from the Electronics Technician Association (ETA), obtain a Federal Communication Commission (FCC) license, or obtain certification as Underground Utility Locators from Staking University.

Contact Information:
Rachel Wright
Academic Assistant
CS 116

      David Arndt
Department Head
Electronics Instructor
(307) 268-2521
GW 116E
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Crum Electric Supply

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  • David Arndt
    • Phone: (307) 268-2521
    • Office: GW 116E
    • Weblink
  • Jonathan Blesi
    • Phone: (307) 268-2459
    • Office: GW 116F
    • Weblink
  • Megan Graham
    • Phone: (307) 268-2539
    • Office: GW 116D
    • Weblink

Electronics Technology Advisory Board members

Member Name Member Organization Meeting Minutes

Dave Arndt
Jon Blesi
Tim Cooper
Randy Evans
Brian Gangl
Megan Graham
Desi Halasz
Miles Hecker
John Miller
Dave Orndorff
Darren Pape
Mason Sale
Ernie Scott
Jim Shackelford
Robert Spain
Lesley Travers
Rob Wright

Casper College
Casper College
Automation Electronics
API Systems Integrators
Pacific Corp Company
Casper College
Biomedical Engineering, WMC
Casper College
Bresnan Communications
Automation Electronics
Wolf Robotics
Crum Electric Supply Co.
Inter-Mountain Labs, Inc
Peabody Energy
PBS Wyoming
Casper College
Legacy Molding Corporation

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Partnership: Utility Locator Certification
Training by: Casper College
Certification by: Staking University
President: Mike Parilac

Staking University
411 South evergreen
Manteno, IL 60950

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