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AAST African American Studies EDEX Exceptional Children MCHT Machine Tool Technology
ACCT Accounting EDFD Education Foundations MGT Management
ADDN Addictionology EDUC Education MKT Marketing
AGEC Agriculture Economics ELAP Electrical Apprenticeship MLTK Medical Laboratory Technician
AGRI Agriculture ELTR Electronics MOAS Medical Office Assistant
AGTK Agriculture Technology EMGT Emergency Management MOLB Molecular Biology
ANSC Animal Science EMT Emergency Medical Technician MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist
ANTH Anthropology ENGL English MSFT Microsoft
APRO Activities Professionals ENTK Engineering Technology MUSC Music
ART Art ENTO Insect Biology NOVL Novell
ASL American Sign Language ENVT Environmental Science NRST Nursing Studies
ASTR Astronomy ES Engineering Science OCTH Occupational Therapy
ATEC Assistive Technology ESL English/Second Language PEAC Physical Education Activities
ATSC Atmospheric Science EXTR Extractive Resources PEAT Physical Education Varsity Sports
AUBR Auto Body Repair FCSC Family and Consumer Science PEPR Professional Physical Education
AUTO Automotive FDSC Food Science PHIL Philosophy
AVTN Aviation FIN Finance PHLB Phlebotomy
BADM Business Administration FIRE Fire Technology PHTK Pharmacy Technology
BANK Banking FREN French PHYS Physics
BIOL Biology GEOG Geography and Recreation POLS Political Science
BOTK Business Office Technology GEOL Geology PORT Portuguese
BUSN Business GERM German POWR Power Plant Maintenance
CE Civil Engineering HIST History PSYC Psychology
CHEM Chemistry HLED Physical and Health Education RDTK Radiologic Technology
CHIN Chinese HLTK Health Technology RELI Religion
CMAP Computer Applications HMDV Human Development RESP Respiratory Therapy
CNSL Counseling HOSP Hospitality REWM Range Management
CNTK Construction Technology HUMN Humanities ROBO Robotics
CO/M Communication and Mass Media IMGT Information Management RUSS Russian
COSC Computer Science INET Internet SOC Sociology
COTA Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant ITAL Italian SOIL Soil Science
CRMJ Criminal Justice ITEC Instructional Technology SOWK Social Work
CROP Crop Science JAPN Japanese SPAN Spanish
CSCO Cisco Systems KIN Kinesiology STAT Statistics
DESL Diesel Technology LATN Latin THEA Theatre and Dance
ECON Economics LEGL Legal Assistance WELD Welding Technology
EDCI Curriculum and Instruction LIBS Library Science WMST Women's Studies
EDEC TopEarly Childhood MATH TopMathematics ZOO TopZoology
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