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Communication Instructor - CC Center for Learning Through Service Program Director

Gretchen E. Wheeler
KT 143
Casper College
125 College Drive
Casper, WY 82601

B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed., Chadron State College

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GRETCHEN WHEELER is a communication specialist with over thirty years of experience
as a, teacher, competitive speech and debate coach, theatrical director, professional
public speaker and seminar leader. Her educational studies and experiences are multi-
faceted in the communication and dramatic disciplines.

Gretchen has a Master’s Degree in communication and performance and has been
an instructor at Casper College in Wyoming since 1986. In addition to her instruction
assignments in the communication department, she also coached the National Award
Winning, Casper College competitive speech and debate team for over 20 years. In
2006, she was appointed as coordinator of the service-learning activities campus
wide which resulted in the creation of the Casper College Center for Learning through
Service in 2007. Gretchen now serves as the Center Director. She has received
the Burlington Northern Excellence in Teaching Award, the Rosenthal Outstanding
Educator Award, Phi Theta Kappa’s Terrific Learning Coach recognition and the 2008
Western Region Faculty Member Award from the National Association of Community
College Trustees. Besides her academic experiences, Gretchen has worked as a
professional communication consultant, public speaker, actress and entertainer – and
once owned a Hot Air Balloon!

CO/M 1010 Public Speaking (3L, 3CR)
An introductory course in public speaking with emphasis on theory, speech development, and
practice. Students are introduced to a variety of speaking situations from impromptu talks to
platform speeches.

CO/M 1040 Introduction to Human Communication (3L, 3CR)
An introductory course in the nature and function of human symbolic communication in its
various settings. The role of symbolic communication on the interpersonal level as a method
of establishing and defining human relationships will be examined, as will the relationship of
symbolic communication to the establishment and maintenance of larger behavioral, economic,
and cultural processes and structures.

CO/M 1080 Talking about International Travel (1L, 1CR)
An introductory course centered on unique or specific international travel situations, for which
there are often special strategies or rules needed for effective communication. Course focuses on
a different international location each year and may be repeated.

CO/M 2110 Nonverbal Communication: Developing the Sixth Sense (3L, 3CR)
A specialized course dealing with the influence of nonverbal factors (i.e. environment, clothing,
kinesics, culture, etc.) on communication. Students will have practical opportunities to further
their understanding of the relationship between verbal and nonverbal communication through
reading text material and making practical application through in-class and out-of-class

CO/M 2145 – Mentoring Communication (1L, 2LAB, 2CR)
A specialized course focusing on unique or specific communication situations associated with
serving as a mentor for the Help Yourself Academy (HYA). Students will make application of
various communication theories, practices and concepts as they serve as mentors in the HYA.
The Help Yourself Academy is an on campus program designed to engage 3rd - 6th graders in
the field of science and math, to enhance their learning experience, and to nurture an interest in
higher education.

Gretchen enjoys supporting and engaging in the arts on the local, regional and national levels.
Having worked in professional theatre in various roles, she can occasionally be seen as a
director or actor in a local community or college stage production. Other interests are cooking,
entertaining, traveling and spending time with family.
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