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Web Design Instructor

Nathan Long
BU 211
Casper College
125 College Drive
Casper, WY 82601

A.S., Casper College
B.F.A., American Intercontinental University

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Nathan Long has a "long" history with Casper College. He received his first degree of Computer Science from CC (graduated "With Distinction") and started working full-time in 2001. After nearly 5 years working with the college, he left to pursue his BFA in Digital/Web Design from AIU Online (graduated Summa Cum Laude), followed by several years of design work at a local Web and Marketing Design firm in Casper. Nathan eventually made his way back to Casper College in 2010 working in the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) and also as Adjunct Faculty teaching some design & web development classes for the School of Business and Industry.

Nathan is very excited to start his fulltime faculty position as the new Web Design instructor in Fall 2013. His many years of experience in the academic and private sector will aid him in this new position. He looks forward to continuing his professional career with CC and considers it to be the best place to work in town.

Nathan is currently working on his masters.

Nathan Long is teaching these classes for the Fall 2013 semester.

  • INET 1490 01: Topics - HTML 5/Adobe Edge
  • INET 1590 01: Web Page Design
  • INET 1590 N1: Web Page Design
  • INET 1610 01: Dynamic Web Graphics
  • INET 1890 01: Intro to Web Design
  • INET 1890 N1: Intro to Web Design
  • BADM 2040 01: E-Commerce

Other information/courses offered by this instructor:

  • INET 1510 Web Site Analysis
  • INET 1530 Photoshop for Business
  • INET 1550 Introduction to the Internet
  • INET 1580 Web Page Authoring
  • INET 1620 Intermediate Flash Graphics
  • INET 1650 Introduction to HTML and DHTML
  • INET 1885 Adobe Photoshop for the Web - CS3
  • INET 1895 Introduction to Internet Marketing
  • INET 2500 Introduction to ASP.NET
  • INET 2665 New Media Communication
  • INET 2670 Internet Ethics and Cyber Law
  • INET 2675 Web Design Business Fundamentals
  • INET 2895 Web Design Capstone/Seminar

Please review the college catalog for more information on all of these courses.

Nathan loves technology, photography, hiking, snowboarding, etc... Basically anything to do with Tech or the outdoors.
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