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Communication Instructor - Forensics Coach

Click for videoJessica Hurless
KT 147
Casper College
125 College Drive
Casper, WY 82601

A.A., Casper College
B.S., M.A., University of Wyoming

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Even though I was born in Boston, I call Casper my home.  Growing up here, I attended local Elementary, Jr. High and High Schools in Casper.  Let me just say, “Go KW Trojans!”  I became familiar with Casper College at a young age by attending sporting events, Key Camp and other fun activities on campus.  I started my college career at Casper College in 1997.  I graduated with an A.A. in Human Communication and then attended UW/CC and the University of Wyoming to obtain my B.S. in Mass Media Communication.  I finished at the University with my M.A. in Interpersonal Communication with the emphasis in Gender Communication in 2005 and decided I wanted to come back and teach at the place that inspired me in so many ways…Casper College.  I feel so lucky to be a Communication Instructor, Assistant Speech & Debate Coach and Director of the Oral Communication Lab on campus.   

I teach a variety of classes in the Communication discipline:

CO/M 1010 Public Speaking (3L,3CR)[E][O]:
An introductory course in public speaking. The emphasis is on theory, speech development, and practice as the student is introduced to a variety of speaking situations from impromptu talks to platform speeches.

CO/M 1030 Interpersonal Communication (3L,3CR)[E]:
Focuses on face-to-face relationships in interpersonal communication settings. Self-concept, perception, language, nonverbal channels, listening, and emotions are presented as factors in dyadic relationships.

CO/M 1040 Introduction to Human Communication (3L,3CR)[E] [CS]:
An introduction to the nature and function of human symbolic communication in its various settings. The role of symbolic communication on the interpersonal level as a method of establishing and defining human relationships will be examined, as will the relationship of symbolic communication to the establishment and maintenance of larger behavioral, economic, and cultural processes and structures.

CO/M 1060 Forensics I (2LB,1CR):
For those students interested in competing in events sponsored by the National Community College Speech Association.

CO/M 2060 Forensics II (2LB,1CR) (Max. 2):
For those interested in competing in those events sponsored by Phi Rho Pi, the national community college speech association. Students will attend and participate in intercollegiate forensics as members of the forensics squad of Casper College. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor. Students may take this course only twice.

CO/M 2135 Gender, Communication and Culture (3L,3CR):
This course provides both a theoretical and real-life view, for both genders, on how our communication in work, school, social and relationship settings help shape and design our gender constructs.

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE SHOES!  I have hundreds of pairs and also collect miniature size shoes as well.  Let’s just put it this way, if it has a shoe on it…I love it!  I am also a huge sports fan.   I enjoy watching football (Chargers Fan), basketball (Celtics Fan), softball, tennis, volleyball, baseball (Giants & Padres Fan), dance and figure skating.  Yes, figure skating.  I actually was a competitive figure skater growing up and have coached skaters all the way to Regional victories!  I have worked at the Casper Recreation Center/Ice Arena since 1997 and have enjoyed all the people I have had the opportunity meeting.  My favorite hobby is traveling and getting to spend time with my family and friends!

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