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Click here to get your degree Fact SheetThe Construction Technology program at Casper College was established to help the state and region meet the demands for skilled craftsmen and tradesmen in the construction industry. Through the years, Casper College has worked closely with the Wyoming Contractors Association and local building and trades organizations to assure opportunities for our graduates.

Our courses are designed to train skilled craftsmen. For that reason, much of our work is on-site and hands-on. We will take you from the ground up in residential construction - from asphalt and concrete to framing and finish work. We will introduce you to drafting and architectural design work, surveying and blueprint reading. We also offer courses in related programs like cabinet making, drafting, welding and machining.Lather Work at Casper College

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Contact Information:
Mark Steinle
Department Head
307- 268-2411
WT 146

Rachel Wright
Academic Assistant
CS 116


  • Charles Mayfield
    • Phone: (307) 268-2674
    • Office: WT 129B
    • Weblink
  • Mark Steinle
    • Phone: (307) 268-2411
    • Office: WT 146
    • Weblink

Construction Technology Advisory Board members

Member Name Member Organization Meeting Minutes

Linda Akers
Jim Bailey
Tony Chaput
Kevin Flynn
Joe Hutchinson
Tom Hammell
Ray Judkins
Tom Lovelace
Jack Miller
Lane Mitchell
Brad Moller
Don Nicely
Jim Peterson
Troy Onekite
Woodie Ridley
Phil Rutar
Tony Woodward

Wes Bertagnole
Paul Brutsman
Laura Driscoll
Kyla Foltz
Darin Miller
Jim Quiqley
Mark Steinle

Wyoming Machinery
JW Measurement
Salt Creek Welding
B & T Fabrication
B & T Fabrication
Dave Johnston Power Plant
Compression Leasing
High Country Fabrication, Inc.
Gases Plus
Turntec Manufacturning
Gases Plus
Pepper Tank & Contracting
Fabrication Technologies, Inc.
Pepper Tank & Contracting
Woodward Corporation

Casper College
Casper College
Casper College
Casper College
Casper College
Casper College
Casper College


Construction Technology Classroom Projects

Here you will find photos of projects completed in various Construction Technology classes.
Please click on each photo to see a larger image.

Construction Project photo #1 - bed Construction Project photo #3 - closeup of bed post Construction Project photo #9 - bench Construction Project photo #4 - CD rack Construction Project photo #5
Construction Project photo #6 - bookshelf Construction Project photo #7 - hope chest Construction Project photo #8 - end table Construction Project photo #10 - desk in progress Construction Project photo #2 - desk


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