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A degree in computer security trains students to find and remove data from a variety of digital media and protect computer information systems from malignant uses, computer viruses, and emerging digital threats. The program blends theory and practice into a learning experience that develops skills applicable to complex real-world problems and is designed to provide a solid foundation for future professional growth to help meet the growing demand for professionals with information assurance expertise in various disciplines.

Roberta Marvel
Department Chair

BU 404C
Rachel Wright
Academic Assistant

CS 116
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Computer Security AS Degree Computer Security AAS Degree Computer Security Certificate

This degree is designed for undergraduate students seeking a foundational, practical knowledge of network security for transfer to a 4-year BS Computer Science degree program course of study.

This degree is designed for undergraduate students seeking a foundational, practical knowledge of network security and computer forensics for immediate entry-level position industry employment. This degree is designed for both students and industry technicians seeking job enrichment or new employment opportunities with a foundational, practical knowledge of network security.
CSEC 1500 - Network Security Fundamentals
(2L,2LB,3CR) This course examines current standards for information security through examination of security technologies, methodologies and best practices. Topics include evaluations of security models, risk assessment, threat analysis, attack types, encryption technologies, organizational technology, security implementation, disaster recovery planning, and security policy formulation and implementation. Prerequisites: CSEC 1505.
CSEC 1505 - Networking Essenials
(3L,3CR) This course provides in-depth knowledge of networking and telecommunications technologies, hardware, and software, emphasizing underlying technologies and protocols. Students will have both the knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to work with network operating systems in a network environment. This course focuses on troubleshooting and not on an exam. Design topics include wired and wireless architectures; topologies, models, standards and protocols; and operation of bridges, routers, switches, and gateways.

CSEC 1510 - Network Defense Principles
(2L,2LB,3CR) This course introduces students to the various methodologies used for attacking a network. Students are introduced to the concepts, principles and techniques, supplemented by hands-on exercises for attacking and disabling a network. These methodologies are presented within the context of properly securing the network. Students are provided with updated security resources that describe new vulnerabilities and innovative ways to protect networks by using the skills and tools of an ethical hacker. Prerequisites: CSEC 1500.

CSEC 1530 - Computer Forensics
(2L,2LB,3CR) The universal use of technology in every aspect of our lives has provided the need for the recovery of evidence in a digital format. In today’s technology driven world most crimes and civil disputes involve the use of some form of a digital device. This course is designed to teach students how to perform computer crime investigations by identifying, collecting and maintaining digital artifacts to preserve their reliability for admission as evidence.
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