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Fitness class with Mike Moline in T-Bird GymInstructor Mike Moline works with many students in the T-Bird Gym. — Photo by Will Gay

Let's get fit
In addition to physical fitness activities, college offers ways to improve your social health

Jerry Nobles
Staff Writer

Casper College offers a wide variety of classes and actives to help you be focused on a lifetime of fitness.

Michael Moline, athletic training and physical education instructor at Casper College, says that the main goal of the physical education department is to teach students to live a healthy and active life.

“What we strive for in this department is a lifetime of fitness.” Moline said.

To help a student achieve these goals, Moline and others in the physical education department sponsor a wide variety of courses that can be taken to fulfill the required P. E. credit a student must have.

“What most people don’t realize is the number of different choices we offer the students for fitness,” he said. Moline said this is done so people can find something that is not only healthy for them, but also an activity they want to do for the rest of their lives.

One of the mainstays of the athletic department is the fitness and wellness class. This one-credit class is offered every semester and requires 30 hours of tailored workouts in the fitness room. The nice thing about this class is that it is something that can be made to fit a student’s schedule.

“They can come in at any time we are open as long as they do the designed workouts and complete the 30 hours required for this course,” Moline said.

Other options this spring semester include tennis, racquetball, golf, yoga, and self-defense classes such as kickboxing and tae kwon do.

One very challenging class that is offered near the second half of the spring semester is circuit training taught by Angel Sharman, head coach of the Casper College volleyball team. It runs four days per week.

“That’s for people who really want to go real hard in their fitness training” Moline said.

Intramurals and student activities

If you are not looking for a credit in the area of physical education but need a break from the everyday routine and grind of a semester, perhaps intramurals is something to try, according to Cory Adams, student activities coordinator.

“What I do is offer intramural sports for the students as well as bring in different activities for the students to do while here on campus” he said.

Some of the sports students can participate in each year are flag football, basketball and volleyball.

Adams also brings other fun and entertaining things to campus for the students to do like watching comedians and hypnotists. Dances are also offered once a month.

“Pretty much anything students would like to do, that’s within the budget of the student activities board,” he said.

The board, which meets once a week, is where a lot of the ideas and planning is done for the various activities on campus.

Students who have some ideas for activities are encouraged to show up and share them to the board when they meet on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. in Adam's office in CE Room 205 (down the hall from the college bookstore).

He said he gets a lot of his ideas for the students during this time. When asked why he thinks it’s important to have these activities, Adams shared that it is very helpful psychologically for the students who are living here on campus.

“Studies have shown that intramural sports and activities on campus help students cope with the stress that comes with academic studies,” he said.

For example, Adams himself greatly benefited from getting involved in intramural sports and activities on campus when he first came to Casper College as a young man out of Milwaukee, Wis.

If you have any ideas that you think would make for some great activities here on campus, you can drop in on Adams in his office which is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Another great way to get in contact with Adams or to see what is being offered on campus is to access Facebook under Casper College student activities board.

It's all part of being a healthy college student.


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