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Click here to get your degree Fact SheetWhat is the Aviation Program at Casper College?
The Aviation Program is a partnership between Casper College and Crosswind Aviation. The program allows students to complete academic coursework and flight training toward an associate’s degree in aviation and a commercial pilot’s license. The primary goal is to provide a curriculum that will lead to future employment in commercial aviation.

Crosswind Aviation is a flight school located at Natrona County International Airport in Casper, WY. Crosswind Aviation has a fleet of five aircraft and three full time instructors to meet every student’s flying needs.

Academic coursework takes place at Casper College. Students are required to schedule three flight sessions per week, which are scheduled around school as well as work schedules. Students will meet with a Crosswind Aviation instructor upon enrollment and set their schedule for that semester. Full-time students should complete the program at a lower cost than competitor flight schools in four semesters and be prepared for employment as a commercial pilot.

What is the outlook for pilots?
Pilots are employed by flight schools, charter services, transport companies, business, government, and commercial airlines. According to the US Department of Labor website ( “In May 2006, median annual earnings of airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers were $141,090.” As well, the Department of Labor indicates that the job market should grow nine to 17 percent for the next decade. Possible career positions include agricultural pilot, airline pilot, corporate pilot, air taxi pilot, flight instructor, and charter service pilot.

Educational Opportunities
Aviation classes are held at the airport, where students can enjoy the exciting atmosphere of flying. Students are welcome to hang out at the flight school, which often lends itself to opportunities to observe maintenance, get extra flying time in, or become an active part of the department. If your dream is to fly, you owe it to yourself to visit Casper College and Crosswind Aviation. The best students in aviation are the ones who have “always wanted to fly.” If this is your dream, you owe it to yourself to look into it. We have a full staff that can visit with you about your goals in aviation and help you choose the right path for you.

International Students
International students must be a US citizen in order to enroll in the flight training program. This is in congruance with SEVIS regulations.

Contact Information:
Rachel Wright
Academic Assistant
CS 116

      Dick Burnett
(307) 268-3066

Mike Fehringer
Cross Wind Aviation

Avionic equipment
  • Associate of Applied Science degree

What are the costs to get the degree?
The degree has the standard Casper College tuition and fee expenses plus a large additional cost to cover the actual flight training. Flight training depends on aircraft hourly rates which cover the aircraft, fuel, insurance, and instructor costs. These costs are paid directly to Crosswind Aviation. There are three certifications with each costing the following:

Private Pilot Course

Private Pilot Costs

Instrument Pilot Course

Instrument Pilot Costs

Commercial Pilot Course

Commercial Pilot Costs

*Fuel service charge will be applied to each rental hour based on current fuel prices. These prices are estimates and flight times are based on Part 141 minimum times for each course. Students generally require more than the minimum flight hours. Prices subject to change without notice. All students who complete the commercial pilot training course will receive their commercial instrument rating.

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