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Casper College RodeoA Tradition of Rodeo Excellence

More about the Casper College Rodeo Team

Few college rodeo programs anywhere have the kind of tradition enjoyed by Casper College.

With four national team championships and three more finished in the top three during the past 30 years, Casper College ranks among the most successful programs in the country. Former T-Bird cowboys have gone on to no less than 126 professional titles. This long-standing tradition starts over 50 years ago when Dale Stiles hosted the first Casper College rodeo. At the time, no other junior college had fielded a rodeo team, let alone hosted its own rodeo. Through the years, Stiles would coach some of the sport’s greatest stars, and become a legend himself. Although Stiles retired in 1990 the rodeo he started in 1955 is going strong today. The annual event hosted by Casper College, still carries the name of its founder, the late Dale Stiles.

Today the tradition of Casper College rodeo goes far beyond the names in the record book. Casper College prides itself as the first junior college to sponsor a rodeo, the first junior college to win a team championship, and the first to win four consecutive team titles.