Agriculture Instruction

Agriculture AnnexThe instruction used by Casper College Agriculture Faculty revolves around using innovative teaching methods, effective classroom strategies and the use of updated information and technologies in our classrooms.  “Learning by Doing” still holds a very important place in the teaching strategies of our instructors, (3 of the 4 are former high school Ag Science instructors and FFA Advisors).  Spending time in the field working with GPS, livestock presentations, range ecologies labs, and soils science instruction are just a few examples of the hands-on learning that we try to promote.

The Casper College Agriculture Department is fortunate to have some outstanding facilities to assist in promoting outside and laboratory lessons.  The Grace Werner Agriculture Pavilion was built in 1979 for the primary purpose of teaching animal science in a lab setting and was added onto in 1984.  The Doornbos Agricultural Annex was built in 2003 to allow for the on-campus housing of livestock and provide a facility for animal based lessons on campus.

We utilize these hands-on learning techniques to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom setting.  We have made it a department goal to utilize technology to the utmost to support our in-class instruction.  We have created virtual classrooms with internet access, and LCD projectors with DVD and VCR capabilities.  Students have continual access to our computer lab that was updated less than a year ago with 10 state-of-the-art teaching stations for student use.  In class teaching techniques are kept current and designed to deliver quality content in an interesting and thought provoking manner.  One example of this is the utilization of current events produced by “AgEd”.  Every class period, a list of current agriculture events is discussed and tied into the daily lesson.