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Academic Suspension
If a student fails to improve their GPA to a 2.0 or higher during the semester they are on academic probation, they are suspended. Being placed on academic suspension means you cannot return to Casper College during the following semester. Additionally, you will need to petition to return when you are ready.


What is it?

A student is placed on academic suspension when they have failed to return to academic good standing (2.0 GPA) during the semester they were placed on academic probation. In other words, this student has had 2 consecutive semesters of college with a semester GPA below a 2.0.

When a student has been suspended they are dismissed and required to take a semester break or longer from Casper College.

Is there anything I can do to return next semester?

You have the right to petition the decision of your academic suspension. Please keep in mind that a deadline is set every semester and strictly adhered to.(Call the Student Success Center 307-268-2089 or Leanne Sims 307-268-2231 for the upcoming semester deadline.) If your petition is accepted you will be allowed to return with conditions in the upcoming semester. If your petition is denied you will be required to sit out for a minimum of one semester following your suspension.

Am I required to participate in special programming if my petition is accepted?

If your petition is accepted, you will be required to participate in the “Back on Track” (BOT) Program. As a part of this program, you will be required to do the following things:

1. You will be automatically enrolled in HMDV 1300, On Course, if you have not already taken it and passed it with a C or better. There are a number of sections offered to offset scheduling conflicts; however, you will be expected to re-arrange your schedule if you have conflicting classes during all sections. If you are not familiar with this you can find more information on our On Course page.

2. Complete and follow through with an Academic Recovery Plan. Click here to see the Academic Recovery Plan.

3. Meet with Leanne Sims, Student Success Counselor, throughout the semester to review your efforts and the progress made on your recovery plan.

4. Follow through with any additional requirements that were a condition of your re-admission as set forth by the Suspension Committee. Complete and sign a contract outlining the conditions of your re-admission to indicate your understanding and agreement with them

5. Additional recommendations and/or requirements to utilize various campus services may be required on an individual basis and included in the program contract.

What does the petition process involve?

The suspension petition process is a four step process:

  1. Download and complete the petition application Click here for the current petition application!
  2. Schedule an appointment to review your application with the Student Success Counselor (268-2089) by the scheduled deadline for the current semester.
  3. Review your application with the Student Success Counselor during your scheduled appointment.
  4. Your petition application is then passed on to a petition review committee who determines whether to accept or deny your petition.

What happens if I do not bring my GPA up to a 2.0 in the semester following my suspension?

You will be suspended again. You have the option to go through the petition process again but the chance of your petition being accepted is lower.

How can I return to good standing?

You will return to academic good standing when you achieve a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher.

After sitting out for at least one semester, what is the process for getting back in to CC?

You will need to reapply for admission and complete a petition form. To access that form, click here.

How does academic suspension impact my financial aid?

Financial aid probation is completely separate from academic probation and has its own specific requirements. To receive and keep your financial aid you have to maintain what’s called “satisfactory progress”. Meeting satisfactory progress means you have met the following requirements as set by the federal government:

  • A GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Have a 67% pace rate This means you have completed 67% of the classes you started; F’s, Withdraws, Incompletes, and Audits will impact your pace rate).

If you do not meet these requirements, you may lose your financial aid. If you have been academically suspended it is highly likely that you have not met the financial aid requirements and may be suspended from financial aid as well. This means you will not receive government grants or loans in the upcoming semester. You are strongly encouraged to check on the specific status of your financial aid and can do so by calling any of the following numbers:

If your last name begins with…

A – E call Laurie at 268-2636

F – K call Tanya at 268-2354

L – R call Anna at 268-2503

S – Z call Tonya at 268-2458
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