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Academic Probation

The purpose of academic probation is to alert the student to a lack of academic progress and potential future consequences if improvements are not made in the current semester. A student is placed on academic probation when the cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0.

What is it?
Academic Probation serves as a serious warning that your academic performance needs improvement, alerting you that you are in jeopardy of Academic Suspension and dismissal. While on probation, you are allowed to continue enrollment at Casper College, but you are no longer in Good Standing.

Am I required to participate in special programming?
Yes-     During the semester you are on academic probation, and any other semesters on probation, you must participate in a 2 credit course. The required course is HMDV 1300, On Course. For more information about this class see the information below.

If you fail to enroll and complete the On Course class (HMDV 1300) with a C or better, your academic standing and continued enrollment at Casper College could be jeopardized.

  • On Course

What is the On Course class?

On Course is a 2 credit class designed to teach students strategies for creating success in college and in life. It is centered on building the characteristics of successful students. These characteristics include: Accepting personal responsibility, discovering self-motivation, mastering self-management, employing interdependence, gaining self-awareness, adopting lifelong learning and developing emotional intelligence. 

For more information on the class and to see student testimonials, visit our On Course webpage!

What happens if I do not bring my GPA up to a 2.0 in the upcoming semester?
You will be suspended and dismissed at the end of the semester if your GPA is below a 2.0 for a second semester.

How can I return to good standing?
You will return to good standing when your semester GPA is a 2.00 or above.

How does academic probation impact my Financial Aid?
Financial Aid probation is completely separate from academic probation and has its own specific requirements. To receive and keep your financial aid you have to maintain what is called “satisfactory progress”. Meeting satisfactory progress means you have met the following requirements as set by the federal government:

- A GPA of 2.0 or higher
- Have a 67% pace rate (this means you have completed 67% of the classes you started. Fs, Withdraws, Incompletes, and Audits will impact your pace rate).

If you do not meet these federal government requirements, you may lose your financial aid. For specific information on your status with financial aid call the following numbers:

If your last name begins with…
A – E call Laurie at 268-2636
F – K call Tanya at 268-2354
L – R call Anna at 268-2503
S – Z call Tonya at 268-2458

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