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Welcome to Casper College

Casper College offers more than 50 academic majors and 30 technical and career field options. The academic side of the college is organized into five different Schools: Business and Industry, Fine Arts and Humanities, Health Science, Science, Social and Behavioral Science.

Under each school are several departments. Your major area of interest, or major, is located within one of these departments. Each school of the college has a Dean and an academic assistant, both of whom can be very helpful in navigating you through a course of study.
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Continuing Education

Casper College is a comprehensive community college striving to meet the educational needs of area residents by offering a wide selection of programs. Education is more than a one-time experience leading to a diploma or degree. In today's world, there is clearly a need for education to continue as a lifelong process. To meet these needs, Continuing Education offers professional development courses, community education courses, ABE/GED courses, and numerous workforce development options through the Center for Training and Development.       cc

Educational Resources

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School of Business and Industry

The world of business and industry is a dynamic and changing environment. Our programs offer a wide range of study and career choices and our faculty members take the time to help students explore the options and choose the best career path possible. Our degree programs focus on the education and skills needed in modern business and industry.
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| Accounting | Auto Body Repair | Automotive | Aviation | Business | Business Information Systems | Computer Security |
| Construction Technology | Diesel Power Technology | Drafting and Design | Electronics | Electrical Apprenticeship | Environmental Science |
| Fire Science | Hospitality Management | Machine Tool Technology | Manufacturing Technology | Marketing | Power Plant Technology |
| Process Technology | Renewable Energy | Robotics Technology | Technical Studies | Web Design | Welding Technology |

School of Fine Arts and Humanities

The School of Fine Arts and Humanities consists of six departments: English & Literature, Gender Studies, Music, Theatre & Dance, Visual Arts and World Languages. Each department focuses on a specialized area of Fine Arts and Humanities and each has a region-wide reputation for excellence.
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| English and Literature | Gender Studies | Music | Theatre & Dance | Visual Arts | World Languages |

School of Health Science

Casper College's School of Health Science houses our nine health care and sports related programs. Careers in the these fields are in great demand and with a two-year degree, students have unlimited opportunities anywhere in the country. Salaries are competitive and the work is satisfying.
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| Health Science | Medical Lab Technician | Nursing | Occupational Therapy Assistant | Paramedic Technology |
| Pharmacy Technology | Physical Education | Radiography/CT/MRI | Respiratory Therapy | Simulation Center |

School of Science

The School of Science houses more than a dozen strong programs in the physical and life sciences. The faculty in the School of Science include accomplished paleontologists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians and seasoned professionals from agricultural, nutrition and other industries. Students have access to modern and well-equipped laboratories in the Loftin Life Science Center and the Wold Physical Science Center.
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| Agriculture | Biology | Chemistry | Computer Science | Engineering | Extractive Resources Technology | Geography |
| Geology | Mathematics | Nutrition | Pre-Occupational Therapy | Pre-Pharmacy | Pre-Professional | Physics | Statistics | Tate/Werner Museums |

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Many students in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences earn their associate degree at Casper College and then transfer to a four-year institution. Some of this through Casper College's University Partnerships Program, which offers bachelor's, master's, and even doctoral degrees through 15 partner universities. Many also transfer to the University of Wyoming/Casper College Center, located in the Administration Building.
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| Addictionology | Anthropology | Cognitive Retraining | Communication | Criminal Justice | Economics | Education | History |
| International Studies | Paralegal | Political Science | Psychology | Social Work | Sociology |
Your Future Begins at Casper College!
Casper College is a great choice for you
if you're serious about success but don't want a lifetime of student loan debt! Casper has small town friendliness, but big city convenience. An interstate highway is on one side of town, but dirt roads into the wilderness are on the other side. Stroll through a mall, or hike Casper Mountain!

If you're deciding based on academics, we've got plenty of options. In fact, we have more than 80 programs. Finish your certificate in one year. Finish your associate's in two years. Stay on campus a little longer and get your four-year degree, or even a master's with one of our partner institutions. Whichever option you choose, you'll be learning from the finest faculty who care about you and your future. 

And Casper College is an amazing value. For Wyoming residents, tuition is less than $1200 a semester. In fact, students from many other states find that tuition at Casper College for them is less than resident tuition for colleges in their own states! With a generous scholarship program and plenty of federal aid available, tuition is affordable for nearly everyone.
We're glad you chose Casper College as the place to continue your education. You are the reason why Casper College has become one of the finest two-year institutions in the Rocky Mountain region. In its 60-year history, Casper College has prepared students for satisfying, secure and high paying careers. From ranchers to research scientists, visual artists to CEOs, and mechanics to musical performers, the highest caliber professionals have received their start in our more than 140 certificate and degree programs.
Casper College has more than 350 full-time employees and nearly 150 part-time employees that work together to carry out the College's mission. The men and women who work at Casper College are experienced professionals in their fields. In fact, more than 75% of faculty have their masters or doctorate degrees.

Employee of the Month
The Casper College Alumni Association is a growing network of former Casper College students sharing the desire to promote Casper College as the pre-eminent community college in the country by promoting awareness and appreciation for Casper College, increasing the ability to provide financial resources to Casper College and its greater community, improving connectivity with alumni and other stake holders, and improving the Casper College campus environment.
Casper College is proud of its role as an institution that serves the community in many ways. Casper College offers daytime, evening and weekend courses for credit and non-credit, and hosts dozens of events that bring tens of thousands of visitors to campus each year.

In fact, Casper College's "participation rate," the percentage of citizens in the service area who take classes, is among the highest in the country. Thousands more are served through ABE/GED services, the Center for Training and Development, the Goodstein Foundation Library, continuing education classes, theatre productions, museums, conferences, special events and innovative educational programs/partnerships.
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